Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Digoor DG1 and DG2 "Dos smartphones ultra-resistentes"

Maybe if I speak of smartphones "Rugged" you have no idea what they are, right?

Today we bring to the DG1 Smartphone and DG2 web models Digoor brand and we test on a small review. Let us begin!

Digoor Electronic Technology is a brand that has specialized in this type of phone, we have two available models, the DG1 and DG2 plus plus, that the difference is primarily their technical characteristics and size.

Just open the two packages we found two black boxes, with engraving IP68 on the front, if we open the box, we will have the two terminals in the central part, taking these discovered a second compartment with Battery, Charger, Headset, Antenna ( Yes, you read that right, telephone antenna) and a screwdriver, to what you asked you, as a "cap" was little shock resistant, boys Digoor thought: "why do not we screw the lid making it even more resistant" and so has been, both to remove the battery or put it need this small screwdriver, somewhat cumbersome but effective

On the one hand for the DG1 plus we have a 4 "screen to resolution 480 * 800, in the front chamber 2Mpx camera and the rear one of 5mpx, inside, all Software (Kitkat Android 4.4.2) is responsible for moving it Mediatek MTK6582 4 cores to 1.3GHz. It has 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. We have a 2800mah battery and DualSim. And as we have mentioned before, I could not miss IP68 certified to withstand all types of weather

For DG2 plus have mounted a 5 "screen at a resolution of 1280 * 720, for the front camera and the rear 2Mpx we have 8Mpx more than his little brother, software concerned there are no differences, Kitkat 4.4.2 for DG2 also driven by a 4-core Mediatek MTK6582 to 1.3GHz. Features like the DG1 with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. The small difference is that the NFC has DG2. For the battery in this case if it is somewhat larger, in part to a larger screen, in this case we go to the 3200mah, we ensure both models with a fairly broad autonomy. This model also includes DualSim and, of course, IP68

In design there is not much to talk about, do not expect aluminum alloys for the side buttons with golden edges. It is a design, so we're going to cheat, ugly, but I Digoor not want us to conquer with an aesthetic section making a nice phone, if not a phone that is Rugged truth, and therefore must sacrifice in aesthetics and do something more archaic, wide (like a deck of cards) and heavy, because as you imagine these phones are not exactly light, which for many probably do not like. For DG2: 285gr and for DG1: 232gr.

In both terminals have on the right side buttons up, volume down, and make photo while on the right side a button to broadcast radio signal (can be used as walkie-talkie), the SOS button that nothing more pressed call emergency button and a flashlight.

As for the resistance, approved and fully, after bathing in sand, make it real "dirty tricks" on the screen, throw him from considerable heights and submerging, we have to say that holds perfectly, as the first day does not have a brand, We did not expect less than a Rugged.

In short, there are two terminals Rugged conditions, can use them in extreme situations and they must win both, but for everyday use will remain somewhat short are very focused on use of adventure. Chip could improve the bearing, giving more internal memory and improved rear camera. 

Additionally, if you like the feature phones, you also could take a consideration upon Discovery V6, DISCOVERY V9 and Huadoo HG04. All of them are excellent and worthy buying!

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