Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Look Back at the Wonderful Moments of Banggood's 11th Anniversary

Banggood hosted a 72-hour Blitz Sale from September 9th to September 11th, 2017. We hope you made the most of this groundbreaking opportunity; there were hot snap-up prices and unbeatable deals for everyone. Did you snap up something exciting?
Banggood's 11th Anniversary

In the month leading up to the event, Banggood launched a worldwide promotional campaign in which countless deals and activities for over 200 star brands of all categories offered to prepare the world for the gigantic 72-hour Blitz Sale, which attracted thousands and thousands of people to join the big event. News of the 11th Anniversary spread both online and offline. Advertisements appeared on large outdoor screens in America, Brasil, Japan, Thailand and across Europe. Online, the Blitz sale was translated into over ten different languages, and international new publishers spread our message across the globe.

During the 11th Anniversary celebration, Banggood reached a significant milestone. Analytic data shows that the 72-hour promotion was the largest promotional activity that Banggood has ever created. With over ten million page views and more than 300,000 orders, the 72-hour promotion was a huge success. Millions of visitors enjoyed not only great deals but also participated in the 11th Anniversary games: Puzzle Bingo, Banggood Jump and rewarding tree. The powerful mix of marketing and unbeatable prices lifted Banggood's customer base to a new stage. These new users made up 10% of the total orders placed. They were also a significant source of page views and social interaction. 

Thanks to their support, Banggood has made a great success in the Anniversary, which further solidified its position as one of the leading international online Chinese retailers. There is no It is the support from them that inspires Banggoods staff to continually improving itself to bring the finest of China's high-quality products and the best service to you. With its slogan Make it happen, it is trying to open a limitless world of powerful possibilities for you. Every year the celebration becomes bigger and better, and we are looking forward to Banggood's 12th Anniversary.

About Banggood
Banggood is an online retailer founded in 2004, and 2017 marks their 11th year in operation. Over the past 11 years, Banggood has consistently provided high-quality products and professional services for customers from all over the globe. Energized with a team of over 2000 employees, Banggood maintains a steady growth curve and maintains its position as one of the biggest technology marketplaces on the internet.      

Friday, September 15, 2017

Extend the life of new phone batteries, how to charge it properly?

After using for sometimes, the battery of your smartphones seems to have shorter life expectancy, and it might be TRUE. All the reasons are just because we didn’t follow the right way to charge your cellphone. I promise that if you follow the tips I offer below, your battery will be so much healthier.

magnetic charging cable

9 tips! Keep in mind!
1.The charging time should be in accordance with standard procedures and do not overcharge especially for the first three times.

2.Do not wait until the battery was completely empty, go charge your cellphone when the device showed the "low battery" warning as the battery life will be affected due to excessive discharge;

3.With a new battery to the first three times, when there is a low battery alarm, charge your cellphone by the original direct charger to full power, and then continue to charge for about 1 hour.

4.During daily use, avoiding charging for a long time if the battery is already full.

5.It’s not recommended to charge before going to bed because the charging time is longer and the voltage is full of high voltage fluctuation and instability in many places at night which will relatively have a greater impact on the battery.

6.You’d better not use a universal charger as the charging current is unstable and the quality is uneven, so try to use the original battery charger.

7.Use a high-quality magnetic charging cable which can provide stable current and high-speed data transfer. A high-quality charging cable of the well-made nylon material can make a total different charging experience compared with a broken one. With a magnetic phone charger, the battery can be charged faster and last for a longer time.

8.Nowadays, mobile phones and laptops batteries are mostly lithium-ion battery. Its initialization process has been completed at the time of manufacture, it is not necessary to activate at the beginning like the old times.

magnetic charging cable

9.If you need a USB adapter to charge from the computers, then this micro USB adapter must be high-quality enough as charging from a mobile device needs extremely good connection and transmission. For example, the BlitzWolf micro USB adapter offer double - slided plug design, premium quality material, high compatibility and warranty, which is said to be the best USB adapter in the market.

Latest news! 4 novelty but practical smartphone accessories you need to know

Hi guys, we people are always on the cutting-edge so how can we miss those novelist smartphone accessories and even get one by ourselves. In case you have missed any, here are the 4 novel but practical smartphone accessories most popular these days you need to update!

cheap zoom camera

smartphone anemometer
For some outdoor sports lovers or people working outdoors, to measure the accurate wind speed is indispensable. This wind meter is the use of a smart phone to measure wind speed. It takes advantage of the built-in magnetic field induction sensors of smart phones, generates a magnetic field when the anemometer rotates by capturing the orbiting data to calculate the current wind speed. Never imagine the smartphone can be this high-tech right?

smartphone microscope
On CES2017, a shocking novelty has been brought to us, the smartphone microscope,  is particularly eye-catching. These micro accessories for the smartphone can shoot with the microscopic level by the clip design details rear camera, a magnification of up to 400 times. Its revolutionary microscopic photography brings the smartphone camera technology to a new level, by means of which the user can observe the individual fibers and fabrics or hair hydra microorganisms.

cheap zoom camera

smartphone zoom camera
You might be familiar with this popular stuff as it’s easy to carry no matter where you go and practical for enhancing photo quality. These cheap zoom camera are affordable and user-friendly, if you love to capture the moment of your life, then make it even more beautiful.

 Samsung battery charger case

smartphone charger case
This is probably the most necessary inventions ever cause if your smartphone is out of power than it basically turns into a useless brick. Some of you might get very anxious when the power of your cellphone is under 20% and you forget to take a charger with you. But what if the charger and your cell phone are combined, then you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Your smartphone basically can charge itself! How intelligent! It’s so light and convenient to take to everywhere and economical that you can save the money of a durable case and a high-performance charger by paying for only one thing. And you don’t need to worry about the safety problems and the heat problems of this Samsung battery charger case at all as it’s equipped with full security protection.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A:perfect for all Xiaomi fans

Here is yet another big one from Chinas most reliable tech companies. A phone that gives you the best selfie experience that is unmatched for and is totally second to none. This special phone has just hit the markets and will blow up your mind with its unique properties and the new and special features that will rival most smartphones in the market today - the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A.
The magnificent phone goes by the name Redmi Note 5A. It has a pleasant selfie feature backed up powerfully by its 16-megapixel front camera. There has never been a phone that has been launched with unique premium rates and offers as this smartphone, with specific regards to its powerful processors and doubled features.

Let us have a look at its wonderful specifications.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A

amazing photography ability
One the phone has a 5.5 inch full HD display. The phone runs on the Snapdragon 425 octa-core processor. It also comes in a series of rams that there is a 2 GB ram, a 3 and 4 GB ram available at different prices. The rear camera is at 13 megapixels and has been backed up by LED flash for clear photos taken in the dark.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A

unbeatable specifications
Here is another expensive feature of the phone; it has a 3080 mAh non-removable battery that ensures 35 hours of call time. The phone runs on the Android nougat version and can use external memory cards from 16 up to 64 GB. The phone has a USB type c port, a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Its speakers are grilled at the bottom too. Do not also forget that the phone is dual sim enabled. The phone has a resolution of 720 by 1280 pixels.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A

incredible technology
Here are the most important features of the phone that should amaze you and make you go for the magnificent Xiaomi smartphone; it 5.5-inch display screen, the super and powerful processor that makes work easier and gives it high and quick processing power, the very awesome and quality package of front and rear cameras that are unmatched for, the phone has an excellent 2+1 card tray design that you would really want to give a try.

The incredible smartphones which the price is greatly affordable and reasonable will be hitting retailer shops in your country or available online. If you have ever needed a mixture of power and style and amazing photos then here is your product, make your order and do not plan to let this great phone by pass you.