Thursday, December 7, 2017

Xiaomi mi 5s and the alluring accessories(part 2)

The whole design concept of the xiaomi mi 5s is very considerate since they not only released the original edition, the high-class ceramic edition but also the plus edition to meet all their customers demand.

xiaomi mi 5s plus

The xiaomi mi 5s plus
If your budget will not stretch to the ceramic case or you prefer a slightly lighter handset then you will not be disappointed with the glass case found on the xiaomi mi 5s plus. Compared with
the original xiaomi mi, the plus edition benefits from a significantly larger screen, of course, in a massive 5.7-inch, and a considerable speed upgrade. You will also notice a considerably longer battery life with the xiaomi mi5s plus edition compared with the earlier xiaomi mi models. We love the new fingerprint sensor as it prevents our children from accidentally making calls when our handset is left unattended. Basically, the xiaomi 5s plus is perfect for the people who are looking for a huge display smartphone which is also affordable and lightweight.

xiaomi mi 5s plus

The xiaomi 5s accessories
Now lets take a look at some of the xiaomi mi5 accessories. A favorite of ours is the xiaomi mi5 waterproof case. A few months ago we totally destroyed a top of the range smartphone with a simple slip at the kitchen sink. The case is also shockproof so it will stand up to the day to day knocks that most phones have to endure. Another favorite accessory of ours is the silicon cover which will help to protect your glass case. We recommend you buy a small selection to suit your changing moods. The final xiaomi 5s accessory we would recommend you is the popular xiaomi mi selfie stick which we used regularly on a recent road trip and the experience is totally satisfied. Our two small children are currently obsessed with images of themselves so it was well worth the money we paid for it, and it looks quite durable until now.
xiaomi mi 5s plus

Xiaomi mi 5s and the alluring accessories(part 1)

We have used a variety of different smartphones over the last few years but this one really blew us away. Packed full of features and with the power to match any phone we have tested. It benefits from a full 64 bit, quad-core processor and runs at lightning speed with Android 6.0. This phone will certainly appeal to the fashion conscious users with their sleek chassis designs. From the title, you have probably figured out what smartphone module we will review today - yes, the expecting xiaomi mi5s.

xiaomi mi 5s

The xiaomi m5 is available in several different models and a host of different accessories to suit all tastes. So to satisfy all your needs to know about this popular smartphone in an overall way, well not only offer you all detailed information about the features and parameter, but well also recommend you some highly-rated xiaomi mi5 accessories in case you need.

xiaomi mi 5s

The xiaomi mi5 ceramic edition
The first model we looked at was the xiaomi mi5 ceramic edition and as the name suggests its built into a very stylish 3D ceramic case which is an innovative move in the industry. If you havent experienced the touch and feel of a ceramic case we recommend you check them out. It will look extremely stunning under the light and will show different luster under different colors of light. The process of making the ceramic edition is much more involved than the regular glass chassis so expect to pay more, but we think the extra cost is well worth it. The problem with a regular glass case is that they can be prone to scratching over time and will collect lots of fingerprints easily.

xiaomi mi 5s

If you choose the xiaomi mi5 ceramic edition it will still be in pristine condition when you decide to sell it and upgrade to the latest xiaomi mi handset. You might even say that the xiaomi mi5 ceramic edition is bulletproof as ceramics are used in the manufacture of bulletproof jackets. Except for the body material, this model has the excellent performance as the xiaomi mi 5s original edition.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Traveling companions that are more desirable than anything else(part 2)

To use the xiaomi selfie stick with the detachable Bluetooth remote control, you must charge it via the in-built micro USB port which is located at the front. Its light, portable and compact as it folds into 190mm and weighs 155grams. By the way, its for sure that the xiaomi power bank pro will be perfectly compatible with the xiaomi selfie stick, so these two will definitely be your best trip partners since they are both very lightweight and of high-quality. Make sure to put them in your pocket with you then your whole trip can be recorded and memorized perfectly.

xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker

Except for the popular xiaomi power bank pro and xiaomi selfie stick, a perfect trip should also include beautiful melody from the xiaomi speaker.

xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker

(c) Xiaomi mi Bluetooth speaker
Its the crème de la crème of this travel package. The xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker is solidly built and can take rough handling. It looks good, and pairing is quick and very simple. You also get three different colors options of the all metal shell to choose including the chic Gray, Gold, and Sliver, which all look so gorgeous and elegant. To be honest, I think they are all stylish and its a tough choice for me. Mostly, the sound feels punchy.

xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker

The xiaomi mi speaker weighs 270g. Critics claim that it isnt the lightest of Bluetooth speakers in the world. But on the same breathe, it doesnt feel heavy at all either. Its small and portable enough with so many incredible features. It charges through a regular Micro USB port. It is powered by a 480mAh internal battery which can give up to hours of continuous listening. 

xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker

If you are a travel enthusiast, these gadgets are a necessity in your life. They kill boredom and give the most fulfilling trip ever. You all agree that a good power bank is convenient. On the other hand, Selfie lovers swear by a good Selfie stick on their side. That has to come from Xiaomi. Whats your take?

Traveling companions that are more desirable than anything else(part 1)

According to an interesting study commissioned by a travel website,, tech-savvy travelers give more priority to their smartphones before their toothbrush, deodorant and perhaps their driving license. Now, that interesting enough to pique your attention on smartphones and their various uses while going for a trip to a far-away destination. Most people will tagalong a power bank to keep their mobile devices fully charged.

Taking photos is an important part of traveling, so they wont leave their Selfie sticks behind. And finally, its now a trend. People are tagging along with their Bluetooth speakers like the Xiaomi mi Bluetooth speaker. Well get into this shortly.

xiaomi power bank pro

For now, we are listing down the most preferred travel companions for your next trip in no order:
(a)The beloved Xiaomi power bank pro
Most people are not aware of the fact that xiaomi power bank pro comes in two variants. The model numbers are PLM01ZM and PLM03ZM respectively. The first version was released sometimes in March 2016. It was then followed by a silicon-protected PLM03ZM model later that year. The two models of the Xiaomi power bank are similar for the most part expect that the PLM03ZM features a fast charge controller feature. The former only supports Qualcomms Quick Charge 2.0. The updated version supports HiSilicons Fast Charging Protocol. The former version doesn't.

xiaomi power bank pro

So if youre planning to carry a mobile device with FCP support, the PLM03ZM model is the best. Of course, we can't forget about the 10,000mAh model (PLM02ZM), also known as the mi power bank pro. This model comes in black and silver shades. It features a USB Type A output port, and a micro-USB input port. The maximum power input is rated at 18W. On the other hand, maximum power output is 15W. The mi power bank pro is one of the most indispensable tools to tag along.

xiaomi power bank pro

(b)Xiaomi Selfie Stick
Dont ask strangers to snap pictures on your behalf while traveling. Dont try squeezing other peoples faces into a tiny frame. Avoid embarrassing moments with the xiaomi selfie stick. Once you open the box, youll find a normal Xiaomi selfie stick and a Bluetooth remote control. Thats it. Its incredibly minimalistic but functional at its best. The selfie stick is black in color, small in size and delicate. It has a polish finish, so it feels smooth to the touch. It has a shutter button for your convenience. The Mi logo is engraved on the surface of the selfie stick.

The Best Traveling Companions Are Calling Your Name

The best part about traveling is that you get to experience the diversity of cultures while witnessing some fantastic sites. You take some awesome moments by snapping awesome pics with your selfie stick. However, the worst part comes when you can no longer enjoy picturesque moments due to low battery. Getting away from your busy lifestyle doesn't mean you have to get off the grid. You'll need to carry a power bank to recharge your phone, camera or laptop.

Are you worried on which devices would serve as the best traveling companion? Lucky for you the xiaomi selfie stick, power bank, and the camera will serve you the whole way.

xiaomi yi m1

Xiaomi yi Mi Mirror-less camera
The xiaomi yi m1 camera is one of the advanced cameras in the market that combines high functionality with style. It is easy to use so beginners can easily take excellent photos. The camera utilizes a high-resolution 2OMP Sony Sensor that gives the user the ability to take pictures in different formats both JPEG and RAW. The camera can take 4k/30P videos. If you don't want to spend a whole lot on a professional camera, the Xiaomi gives you the taste of DSLR. It is definitely way better than Smartphone cameras. It improves user experience by its physical buttons that make snapping easy.

xiaomi selfie stick

Xiaomi selfie stick
Want to record awesome moments? The xiaomi selfie stick enables you to record different moments in your life in a fun and creative way. It comprises a 60mAh battery that lasts you a long while when traveling. You get to take incredible videos and shots without asking for the help of strangers. If you want to snap photos at different angles, the selfie stick allows 360-degree rotations using its adjustable phone stand. You don't have to worry about its portability; its made from a solid Aluminum alloy that resistant from slips.

xiaomi selfie stick

10000mAh Xiaomi power bank
Charge your electronic devices on the go with the 10000mah mi power bank. It features a powerhouse that provides high-speed charging. It gets you through long distance traveling. Its functionality is backed up by style making it feel great on the hand. The aluminum casing withstands any collisions. This xiaomi power bank has an ergonomic design that creates a secure grip and surface finishing is resistant to daily wear.

The Xiaomi products easily take the top spot for the best traveling companions. As a constant traveler, the power bank has served my electronic devices for long distances while the camera has enabled me to record some impressive moments. If you are looking for durable products, consider the xiaomi products to last you longer.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Three chosen professional - class earphones for music enjoyment

Love listening to music and having private clear conversations? Then earphones of the latest design but also lightweight for comfort are a must have! An excellent quality pair of earphones ought also bring to your ears a remarkable sound effect for a wonderful experience. Their popularity is increasing considerably amongst all, especially for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Listening to your preferred music whilst practicing gives you that added boost and energy.

We have chosen 3 in-earphones of high quality, lets look at their excellent features!

xiaomi bluetooth headphones

1. Original Xiaomi Earphone With Remote and Microphone for Smartphone
A professional and high standard xiaomi piston 2 Headphones reviewed 4.9 out 5 by customers who bought this product. Produces high-quality sound due to the metal composite diaphragm, impressive performance due to powerful bass and stability. An advantage of having metal composite diaphragm when compared to aluminum ones. A clear sound is also experienced due to the dual-damping system. For your comfort, it comes with a volume control in-built in the cable. Gives you the flexibility to control volume whilst listening to music and answering calls. This product comes with a neat gift box and wire organizer, includes also interchangeable xiaomi earbuds in 3 different sizes.

xiaomi bluetooth headphones

2. Original Xiaomi Sport In-ear Ear Hooks Wireless Bluetooth Headset Earphone with Mic
Feel free and light with the metal composite diaphragm wireless In-ear xiaomi bluetooth headphones. Weighing only 17.8g and you can choose from black or white. Great for fitness and sports enthusiasts due to its waterproof and sweatproof design. They provide 7 hours of music and talking time. The adjustable ear hook has been carefully made to keep stability even during very rigorous exercise. You can connect your new wireless In-ear xiaomi bluetooth headphones via your Bluetooth device in no time. To ensure clear and high-quality sound the Bluetooth 4.1 technology comes also with a noise reduction feature and the great news it can connect to 2 mobile devices concurrently.

mi in-ear headphones pro

3. Original Xiamoi Piston Basic Edition In-ear Headset Earphone with Microphone
The xiaomi mi headphones Piston Basic Edition are popular for giving a clear and balanced sound. They come in 5 assorted colors; Black, Silver, Blue, Purple, and Pink. Have a cable length of 1.25mm of type in-ear and weigh only 14g, comfortable for use whilst practicing your preferred sports. It has also a microphone inbuilt in the flat wire to make it easier to control the sound. The earphone is made of aluminum and is also anti-scratch. If you are looking for something simple, lightweight and stylish grab one of Piston Basic Edition mi in-ear headphones pro.

Looking for a stylish yet of high-quality In-ear Headset that fulfills all your needs then do not look any further. One of the 3 different in-ear phones above will absolutely meet your needs. They are lightweight, stylish, made with the latest technology providing a clear and stable sound to listen to your favorite music or have a nice and clear conversation. These 3 products have been well rated by users from all aspects of price, quality, and appearance. 

The top 3 advanced HiFi earphones recommended

There is a number of terrifying earphones-related happenings, especially with cheap ones, that have been witnessed by ear, throat and nose doctors. Cheap earphones always are susceptible to a portion of the earbuds coming out. And when it comes out, it is in your ear canal then it can go inside your ear. These things happen. In such a situation, the services of a medical the practitioner will be required to remove it, not a great experience.

Apart from the health risk, there is also the poor quality of music often associated with poor-quality earphones. With a high-quality earphone, should not even have to be super expensive, you will be in a position to receive professional class music. Of course and it is safer to you. Subsequently, we look at 3 of the top high-quality advanced HiFi earphones in the market which are piston air, piston 3, and hybrid dual drivers.

xiaomi earphone

1. Piston Air
The xiaomi piston 4 Air earphone is very popular and thus recommended. It has a slick design that not only is great for effortlessly fitting in your ear canal but also for appearance. There is a built-in microphone which is compatible Xiaomi and also other types of Android smartphone and iPhone. Another important feature possessed by the xiaomi earphone is that it has wired control function. With that function, it is possible to effortlessly adjust volume and or answer or reject a call.

xiaomi earphone

2. Piston 3
The xiaomi piston 3 earphone had been sold out at the time of writing this piece and that may point to the fact that it is a high-quality product preferred by customers. The xiaomi earphone is designed to be able to greatly fit in your ear canal. This perfect fitting in your ear allows you to be immersed in your music without the often outside noise that can distract you. Through the features it has, the earphone is able to cancel noise. Also, it has a microphone and remote control function. Its also compatible with most smartphones.

xiaomi earphone

3. Piston Hybrid dual drivers 
This xiaomi piston hybrid iron ring earphones type is sometimes referred to as xiaomi piston 4. Because if the design of the xiaomi mi iv, one noticeable thing especially when you compare it to xiaomi piston 3 is that it delivers a bass that is slightly deeper and boomier. That generally contributes to the heavy and a powerful sound resulted at the low end. Additionally, the bevel in-ear design implemented for the earphone enables both comfortable wearing and listening.

In conclusion, because of the great experiences and positive reviews commanded by the aforementioned earphones, definitely at least one is a must buy.