Monday, March 12, 2018

Everything About mi band 2

One of the largest mobile phone manufacturers, the most famous high-tech brand offering the most advanced products. With the growing popularity and demand, it is rapidly taking over the smartphone market around the world, by far Xiaomi's largest market is its native China, but it has expanded its business to several other countries. They sell their smartphones at affordable prices with low-cost handsets with the most innovative and latest mobile specifications packed inside. The phones are very stylish and capable.

The mi band 2 product creates the new design of the OLED display, which shows you the time, heart rate and count data intuitively. It's a good partner while you play sports.

mi band 2

The mi band 2 Design
It has a place of OLED display hardware design. 0.42-inch OLED screen displays the test data. In addition, there is a single physical button on the screen, which allows you to scroll through three different screens, including time, count steps and heart rate information. However, what a pity it does not show you the distance of movement. And I think it's a good idea to improve the best user experience.

Elegant and comfortable to wear, this colorful effect and outfits a durable silicone bracelet. It will be available in black, orange, green and blue.

Characteristics for mi band 2
It has the most outstanding heart rate monitoring features. Configured the military level sensor, which it has accurate and efficient ADI documents. In addition, it has a new custom alert creation to push to play sports when you sit for a long time.

The mi band 2 has the following advantages that are water resistant, sleep watch, phone unlock, etc. It is good enough to use in your daily life, which helps you live a healthier life.

The life of the battery
mi band 2 comes with a 70mAh, which claims 20 days in standby. This number is attractive and impressive. Long-lasting battery eliminates the need for our problems. It is convenient that you can use it at a certain time.

Depending on the OLED display, mi band 2 has the most outstanding benefits of intuitively knowing your test data without the Mi-Fit APP. Upgraded new generation of Xiaomi armband offers you a better user experience. I like this new design and appreciate it. If you are the same who wants for her, you can have a try!

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus full review

Do you want to have a great smartphone experience? A phone that not only has a class of prospects but is also of good quality and has the best and latest features on the market? Now, can you guess which phone I'm talking about? I am talking about Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus.

The phone Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus was launched in February 2018, it is manufactured by XIAOMI as its name suggests, it is 8.1mm thick, weighs 180g, android version 7.1.2, 64GB internal storage space and has a microSD card slot just in case your space is not enough but it would be rare because this space is very large and can handle large files and applications.
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

The sweetness of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus is not over yet, the phone has a 12 megapixels camera, it has a capacitive touchscreen IPS, 16M colors, the screen is 5.99 inches and 1080 x 2160 pixels, the phone is a hybrid dual sim, the phone has a fingerprint sensor that is mounted on the back, compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope. The phone's battery is irremovable with a battery life of 104h and the phone is available in several colors including; black, gold, light blue and rose gold.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus is widely known and used around the world and has over two hundred million users worldwide. The Xiaomi Redmi series is widely recognized for its high quality, resulting from a variety of factors, including the use of first-rate suppliers, and extremely rigorous reliability tests comparable to those used for flagship devices. A metal body surrounds the screen, with plastic end caps at the back to allow the antenna to work, while a 2.5D curved glass piece is on the screen itself. Most people say it's the best phone in the world because of its impressive features and slick design.

The Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus has quickly gained in popularity because it is quite affordable, especially with the quality of the features it offers. Personally, I think that having the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus will relieve my need to carry a tablet because it is just as good. You absolutely want to buy this phone and it will be a good investment for your money, the phones are readily available at major phone stores all over the world. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Scientists invented mobile phone casing to measure blood pressure? -part 2

Nowadays, checking your vital body parameter is easier than never. Just buy a smartwatch and install the necessary applications from their app stores. The tasks that these wristwatches can perform are checking blood pressure, blood sugar level, pulse rates, etc. When there's something wrong with your body parameter (high blood pressure for example), the watch will send alarm, reminding you to chill and keep your blood pressure from going even higher.

smart wristband

Edgar Raymond, a hypertension specialist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, said, On the surface, this is a good idea. People really want to have it. But the biggest problem is accuracy. Assistant at the University of Vermont's Larner Medical School. Professor Timothy Plante agrees. Although using smart phones to measure blood pressure will change the "rules of the game," it is still too early to say that if the device will work. He hopes to see the researchers conduct tests on more patients. Otherwise, it is impossible to know if the device is accurate enough for use at home.

At present, the device has been tested on 30 individuals, 90% of whom can use the device properly after practicing once or twice. Most people involved in the test have normal blood pressure. Before a device is put on the market, it must be tested on at least 85 people with different blood pressure levels.

Researchers believe that once verified, the device can help people easily measure their blood pressure and determine if they need medication. Research shows that only about 45% of people in developing countries who have high blood pressure know their condition. "If they know, then they can do something in life to reduce their risk of stroke and heart attack." By now, I guess the most convenient way to monitor our body health level is to wear a smart wristband which has many sensors to detect the heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and so on.

Scientists invented mobile phone casing to measure blood pressure? -part 1

According to The Verge, a new smartphone accessory makes it easy for people to measure blood pressure without using air bags to squeeze their arms. It is unclear whether this technology can be used practically, but if it is implemented, it can help more people, especially those in developing countries, to check whether they are at risk of heart disease.

smart wristband bracelet

This device was described in a research report published in the journal Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday, which consists of a 3D printed shell connected to the back of a smartphone. Professor Ramakrishna Mukkamala, a professor at the Michigan State Universitys School of Engineering, co-developed a new smartphone accessory that allows people to easily measure blood pressure. Mukkamala said that the device has been tested on only a few people and it is not yet possible to confirm whether the measurement results are completely accurate. In addition, researchers have licensed the technology to a company called Digitouch Health. According to this study, the application can measure blood pressure when one presses a button sensor with a finger.

Hypertension can cause stroke, heart disease and kidney failure. But measuring blood pressure is very difficult. However, the process of measuring blood pressure is not convenient. Therefore, scientists have been trying to create portable devices so that blood pressure can be easily measured many times a day. Of course, you can also wear some professional equipment, such as smart wristband bracelet that can detect and monitor heart rate and blood pressure all the times and it will offer you a very overall health report. Recommended brands are like Xiaomi and HUAWEI. If you need good therapy every once in a while, you can definitely use your smartwatch. If you need a moment of zen, simple deep breath every now and then, or just do eyestrain exercise, your smartwatch will remind you to do it at the right times.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What is the mysterious Xiaomi MIX 2S exactly like?

March 27, Xiaomi will host a new conference, officially released a new generation of flagship Xiaomi MIX 2S. There are more than 20 days from the conference, the news about the new smartphone become more and more recently. As predicted last week, Xiaomi today officially announced a heavy upgrade about Xiaomi MIX 2S: more than AI camera.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S

Xiaomi phone official account said: "#Xiaomi MIX2S#, not just the AI camera. What does that mean? Officially it will be answered on March 27. Hint showed that the new phone will use the artificial intelligence and there are major breakthroughs in taking pictures, or a combination of the two - AI and camera. Some netizens said: the key point is "not just".

Previously, the official has confirmed the Xiaomi MIX 2S two key messages: 1, equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor; 2, An ANTUTU points over 270,000. From the previous vote of fans, the longer lasting life (24%), better camera quality (21%), artificial intelligence AI (20%) are the Xiaomi MIX 2S three most anticipated upgrade.

It is reported that Xiaomi MIX 2S will be equipped with the rear dual camera, while using the all-ceramic body, to further enhance the screen ratio. On the morning of March 6, a well-known tech blogger released a short video. In the video, we saw the real back of Xiaomi MIX 2S, showing that the body is equipped with a dual camera shaped like the vertical distribution of the iPhone X. Not only that, the back cover will appear with different colors of light with different angles, there is speculation that it may be a colorful back cover design.

On the evening of March 5, the new clues MUI 2S camera disclosed by the official Xiaomi is that a person draws a circle and a square with both hands at the same time, indicating that in addition to the AI, it is possible to highlight two cameras that have different functions, perhaps Xiaomi 6 / Note3 wide-angle + telephoto combination of the upgraded version.

Before the official release of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S, we can only guess from these clues. If you want to keep track of any latest news on this flagship phone, remember to keep a close eye on our blog.

LG released 2018 new lineup

Since Samsung, another Korean-based maker, LG, has also completed a new line-up of its 2018 television products. This year, LG's high-end television products are still based on OLED technology products and released the flagship product line W8 new product information.

LG Cases Covers

Among them, OLED models are W8, G8, E8, C8, B8, in addition to B8, the first four are equipped with the latest Alpha9 processor, with enhanced dynamic stability and wide viewing angle color control. From the appearance point of view, this year's flagship model W8 will continue W7 "Wallpaper TV" concept, with a split structure and ultra-thin physical appearance in front of us. More importantly, LG's forthcoming new breed will be powered by the new AI solution "ThinQ".

In addition to LG's ace TV, we are still very surprised to see that LG has released a new smartphone.

At the MWC2018 show, LG did not release its flagship of the year but brought the LG V30S ThinQ with a slight upgrade to the V30. March 5, LG released the X series new smartphone X4 in South Korea.

Appearance: LG X4 back with a single camera and fingerprint recognition, the speaker is located in the lower left corner of the fuselage back, body measurements size 148.6 * 75.1 * 8.6mm, weight 164g, providing black and gold two colors. You can apply an LG Cases Covers to have a unique look and protect the phone better.
Configuration: LG X4 uses a 5.3-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 * 720, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, CPU clocked at 1.4GHz, GPU Adreno 308, with 2GB LPDDR3 memory + 16GB storage, support for MicroSD Card expansion, the battery capacity of 3000mAh, running Android 7.1.2 system. It also has post fingerprint recognition, single camera design.
Other aspects: LG X4 is also equipped with its own payment solution LG Pay, which is equipped with fingerprint sensor not only supports unlocking but also supports fast Selfie.
Price: LG X4 price is 297,000 won, and will be sold by the South Korea three major carriers SKT, KT, and LGU+.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Why is the Oneplus 5T the hottest topic right now?

Data shows that in 2017, Oneplus revenue exceeded 1.4 billion US dollars, nearly 100 billion yuan, compared with 300 million US dollars in 2014, has an increase of nearly 5 times, of which more than half of the contribution is from overseas markets. And entering 2018, February 27, 2018MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, Spain, Oneplus mobile announced a strategic partnership with the Swedish telecom giant Telia, which means that the leading Telia in the Nordic market has become Oneplus Mobile Phone partners in Sweden. Their development in overseas markets has taken another step forward.

Oneplus 5T

Oneplus latest flagship mobile phone Oneplus 5T with a 6.1-inch 2160x1080P resolution full-screen design, the screen accounted for 80.5%, 18: 9 ratio close to the cinema movie screen, you can have a more comprehensive screen experience. The screen is Optic AMOLED material, which is an optimized version of the Samsung Super AMOLED screen, colorful, bright, more expressive.

Oneplus 5T

Oneplus 5T used the latest and most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, built-in 6 / 8GB memory + 64 / 128GB UFS2.1 memory combination of memory to support dual SIM dual standby full Netcom, 20 + 16 megapixels rear Camera, front 16 megapixels camera, the battery capacity of 3300mAh, still supports Dash flash technology.

Oneplus 5T

The Oneplus 5T official website did not officially announce the level of waterproofing, but according to the regulations, to reach 6 level and above, the phone can be sprayed by water and will not be affected, to 7 waterproofing can be soaked in a meter deep water for a short time. After our test, Oneplus 5T after normal flushing can still be used normally, including the bottom of the headset hole speaker and charging port. Oneplus 5T has the TYPE-C interface and at the same time, still retains 3.5mm headphone jack design models, which makes the product design be more humanized.

Followed by an anti-soaking test. We throw a running Oneplus 5T into the water, the phone is still playing normal live wallpaper, without any impact, and after two minutes soaking it can still be used normally.

Finally, video test in water. Before the phone got into the water, we brought the volume to its maximum and played the basketball match. The video was played smoothly while the music was not affected. As a result, Oneplus 5T waterproof really makes us feel surprised.