Thursday, June 30, 2016

Leeco The Max 2: a flagship Snapdragon 820

The Leeco Le Max 2 we advance some details for some time, details that have been confirmed almost entirely, except for the screen size, which is in a more moderate 5.7 inches. This screen makes use of Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and offers excellent coverage of the NTSC color space 95%, although low brightness slightly to 450 nits.

As already known, the processor responsible for providing the muscle will be the Snapdragon 820 (4*Kryo@2.15GHz+Adreno 530) Qualcomm, which comes packed with 4GB of RAM memory LPDDR4, but we can also acquire an even more premium version that would integrate 6GB of RAM. The first version would remain in 32GB storage, while the version with 6GB of RAM would have a 64GB storage; yes, both versions use the UFS 2.0 technology, which ensures a fast transfer speeds. But not only we have a faster memory, but can also extend thanks to the fact that here we have a slot for Micro-SD card, which some buyers will miss the previous two models.

Both connectivity and the photographic section of Le Max Leeco 2 are identical to those of the Pro version, but with the addition of an optical stabilizer 21MP camera.

Other differences Leeco Max 2 with its two brothers comprise a somewhat larger battery of 3100 mAh that stays behind the 3400mAh initially announced (and that makes us somewhat low for a terminal of these characteristics) as well as a fingerprint reader ultrasound courtesy of Qualcomm. The Leeco Max 2 has dimensions 156.8 x 77.6 x 7.99 mm, using Android 6.0 Marmallow and will be priced at about 315/340 euros change depending on the version chosen.

Le Max 2 64GB can be purchased at Banggood and it costs you the price of $ 439.99. By the way, if you happen need to buy the cellphone accessories, you also could choose here, which will offer you affordable prices, such as cheap mini portable speakers, cheap moving head, cheap mx5 cellphone accessories, etc.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Xiaomi Mi Max, the 6.4-inch beast is now official

After the promotional videos appeared on YouTube claims that the Xiaomi Mi Max finally just been presented officially. We are facing the new phablet Asian company, a terminal led by a 6.4 inch screen that completes the recently updated catalog of the mark (the Xiaomi Xiaomi Yi Mi5 or 4K are some of the latest releases). But let's look at its features.

The My Max Xiaomi is presented with a display of more than six inches reaching the full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), which places it above other models already voluminous company (see, for example the redmi Note 3 with its 5.5-inch screen).

And what about performance? A Snapdragon 650 processor, backed by 3/4 GB of RAM (there are several available versions supplemented with up to 128 GB of internal memory) it is responsible for giving life to new My Max.

Phablets lovers are in luck with the new Xiaomi Mi Max. 6.44 inches are what give life to this terminal screen, a screen that reaches a full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. The dimensions of the phone are set at 173.1 x 88.3 x 7.5 mm, with a weight reaches 203 grams. The terminal will be available in three finishes: gray, silver and gold. Of course, do not miss the fingerprint reader (located at the rear).

The processor that gives life to My Max is a Snapdragon 650/652, backed by up to 4 GB of RAM are complemented by an internal storage capacity of up to 128 GB. The Snapdragon 650 processor is built-in version 3 GB + 32 GB, while the Snapdragon 652 is found in versions of 3 GB + 64 GB and 4 GB + 128 GB.

The battery, with its 4,850 mAh, is a superior capacity by 61% to Mi Note (3000 mAh), as noted in the presentation Xiaomi. The terminal, by the way, has Dual-SIM slot and incorporate an infrared sensor.

There are three versions of Xiaomi max cellphones, including Xiaomi Mi Max 16GB, Xiaomi Mi Max 64GB, and Xiaomi Mi Max 128G. All of them can be purchased at Banggood. Additionally, if you happen need to buy other brands smartphones, you also could choose here, cell wholesale platform will provide you affordable prices. 

BlitzWolf BW-P3, The New Version Upgraded 10,000mAh Power Bank of Banggood with QC3.0 Quick Charge Tech

BlitzWolf is the own brand of Banggood and it creates a lot of convenient but low-price products for the buyers. This time, it released a new upgraded product of power bank called BlitzWolf BW-P3. Compared with P1 size, this new one is more compact and portable, which only taking a dimension of 102*61.5*21.3mm and a weight of 225g±5g. It is very convenient when you bring it out. Besides, it was designed with QC3.0 Quick Charge Tech, shortening your charging time. Then, I will share you the detailed information next.

First of all, it supports QC3.0 Quick Charge Tech. This is its prominent feature. Compared with QC2.0 Tech, the latest QC3.0 Tech has a 27% faster charging speed and it saves 4 times charging time than the conventional power banks. Except for that, it reduces power consumption by 45% to improve 38% higher charging efficiency. 

Moreover, this kind of 10000mAh Power Bank suits for almost of the electronic devices, not just the smart devices which supports QC3.0 Quick Charge Tech. It comes with NT6008 fast charge chip, which allows to adjust the voltages between 3.6V TO 12V. Because of variable voltages, it is compatible with QC2.0 and QC1.0 tech. Even sustaining BC 1.2 and Apple fast charge protocol, it will offer you a super fast charging speed when you charge the Apple devices. 

In addition to, it was made from high quality materials and it offers you high-end protections. High quality assurance that it supports overcharge, over voltage, over current, and short circuit protections. 


Brand: BlitzWolf
Model: BW-P3
Capacity : 10000mAh/37.44Wh
Power: 18W(two USB ports total)
Battery Type: SANYO/Panasonic Li-ion Battery * 3
Input: 5V/2A (max)
Output 1: 5V/2.4A (max)
Output 2: 5V/2.4A (non-qc,universal)
        3.6-6.5V/3A,6.5-9V/2A,9-12V/1.5A (QC3.0)
Size: 102*61.5*21.3mm
Weight: 225g±5g
Certification: CE, FCC, Qualcomm QC3.0

In short, BlitzWolf 10000mAh Power Bank is portable and powerful. Small size and fast charge tech that it is pretty good for you to carry out. If you like it, you could purchase it via Banggood. It now has a pre-order activity that only sold $ 17.99 before 100 orders. By the way, it also has a coupon of 10% off discount. The coupon code is 12blitzw. Come on! You should get it now!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Xiaomi Mi Band 2: New Design of OLED Display

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 develops on the basis of the Xiaomi Mi Band 1 and keeps the advantages of it. This new product creates new design of OLED display, which shows you the data of time, steps counting and heart rate in an intuitive way. It is a good partner while you are doing the sports. I will share you more detailed information about it next and you could read on for everything you need to know.


Compared with Xiaomi Mi Band 1, it possesses a prominent design of OLED display equipment. 0.42-inch OLED screen clearly shows you the testing data. Besides, there is a single physical button below the display, which allows you to scroll through three different screens, including time, steps counting and heart rate information. However, what a pity that it does not show you the movement distance. And I think this is a good idea to improve better user experience.

In order to pursue elegant and comfortable wearing effect, this one outfits colorful and durable silicone strap. It will be available in black, orange, green and blue colors.


As for Xiaomi Mi Band 2, it owns the most outstanding features of heart rate monitoring. Configured military-grade ADI sensor, it has precise and efficient records. Besides, it has a new creation of customized alerts to nudge you to do some sports when you sit in a long time.

As what I mentioned before, it keeps the advantages of Xiaomi Mi Band 1, such as water-resistant, sleep monitoring, phone unlocking, etc. It is pretty good to use in your daily life, which helps you live a healthier life.

Battery Life

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 comes with a 70mAh battery, which claims 20 days on standby. This number is attractive and impressive. Long battery life eliminates the need for our troubles.It is convenient that you can use it at a long time.

However, the result was given by the official that needs our experiments after using by ourselves. We are expecting the in-depth review to tell us the truth.


Depending on the OLED display, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 possesses the most outstanding advantages of intuitively knowing your testing data without the Mi Fit APP. Upgraded new generation of Xiaomi wristband provides you better user experience. I like this new design and appreciate it. If you are the same who desires for it, you could have a try!

Come on, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is excellent and worthy buying. If you would like to learn more about it, please click:

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jiayu S3 4G con 5,5″ HD CPU Octa Core MT6752 2GB RAM

Rarely worth the wait and, in the case of new JIAYU S3 Plus 4G which recently as we speak, we can say that was worth a lot. In the following analysis, we are going to reel in detail to the smallest detail than is currently the flagship of the Chinese firm and has spectacular technical specifications, beautiful design and a great price.

The Jiayu S3 comes in a recycled paper packaging where we are only shown from the front logo and the Chinese company behind the product specifications. Undoubtedly, this widespread practice will pay off in terms of price, all that means saving on costs superfluous as this impact for good in the terminal that is really important. Inside the box you not expect to find many gifts. The Jiayu S3 comes with just enough for you to use from the outset, which is what it really is: a headset, data transmission cable to PC type micro-USB and mains charger.

If something stands out for the Jiayu S3 it is by its size and its screen no doubt. Just open the box we realize that what we have in our hands is not exactly a low quality product. It has a fairly simplistic in design finishes. A sober and austere lines, with slightly rounded edges at its edges and with an almost flat bottom that opens in curvature to reach the sides. A Jiayu S3 4G terminal, which has a front occupied by its huge screen of 5.5 "which only highlights the front camera on the top left and the internal speaker for calls being tactile navigation keys and located in the bottom, offscreen. It also has LED flash notifications which has a small light that will show us two different, red and green colors.

The volume buttons and lock button silver have been placed on the right side causing fast and easy access to them through one hand.

The back cover is removable and is made of polycarbonate dark gray - black, a lid that does not collect fingerprints of our fingers, smooth and where only highlights the rear camera in the upper-central part together with the double lED flash just below it and already at the bottom, the company logo just above the external speaker.

It is easy to grip terminal with one hand while certainly somewhat heavy and that the 189 grams are not exactly short, this is due to some extent to its huge battery and the screen size. Nor is it a weight out of the ordinary, something we have already seen in terminals such as the Oppo Find 7 itself here.

The navigation keys are backlit and have a rather simplistic design icons showing the three menu options, start and back classics to which we are accustomed already long in terminals with Android.

The simple design of Jiayu S3 4G favored by against the inclusion of a high-level technical performance. Inside the Jiayu S3 4G we find an 8-core CPU manufactured by Mediatek, the MTK6752 ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit 1.7 GHz that will support 4G conectitividad a CPU, Mali-700 MHz 760MP2 along with 2GB of RAM, will allow us to experience quite smooth user when running applications, play the latest titles in the play Store, ... the performance of this CPU has been pretty good overall in the test we will made and no doubt we can say that the combination is pretty good and reliable for intensive daily use terminal something for which we need a good battery 3000mAh as including inside, removable type.

As for display, 4G Jiayu S3 has a panel made by LG 5.5 "FULL HD IPS OGS Corning Gorilla Glass and 3 of 1920 x 1080 pixels which has shown very high quality and viewing angle broad that allows us to have a perfect picture all the time regardless of the position thereof. The colors are quite realistic, without levels of brightness and saturation distorting the image and thanks to embedded software settings called Miravision, we can balance our taste to adjust. A very good idea by Jiayu to include this option to play with the quality of the image displayed on screen and not have to resort to third-party software rooteo involving the terminal. The screen also has the smartwake option that will allow us to configure via software a number of options that are activate by double tap directly and another quite interesting already included in many other terminals option is to gestures offscreen, ie interact with the terminal through gestures without touching the screen. All this is managed by software and is fully configurable by each user.

As for internal storage space, the Jiayu S3 4G has 16GB of which almost 12,5GB have available to store applications and that in any case can extend through the inclusion of micro-SD cards up to 32GB.

By default, inside the Jiayu S3 4G we find the version 4.4.4 of Android KitKat, the latest version available pending a future arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop directly by the manufacturer or by the community software developers that will surely have looking forward to this device by its enormous potential.

As we can see in the screenshots made, the Jiayu S3 4G has an interface own screen with a very even to a certain terminal of the manzanita with square icons large rounded edges and attractive colors, animated presentations visual style and a extreme fluidity when moving through the screens. In any case we can always return to the classic android interface or install some alternative launcher such as Nova Launcher, this and depending on the tastes of each user.

We were pleasantly surprised and very new Jiayu S3 4G, a terminal which already were doing a particular track in a while due largely by the good work that had the Chinese firm with its previous models. We expected a lot of it, it is true, and it has not disappointed us at any point. As we mark certainly several positive aspects such as its extraordinary Full HD screen 5.5 ", its 2GB of RAM and its powerful CPU and a very fluid internal software and a camera with a very fast focal opening and takes quite good both indoors and outdoors. By contrast, could improve as to enjoy greater internal storage space expanding to 32GB, 3GB of RAM count or to include NFC technology. We do not talk about design as it is a very personal aspect and differs according to the tastes of each user, but can not recommend purchase because it is a product with a very good quality / price ratio.

This one can be purchased at Banggood and you need to spend on $ 155.99. By the way, if you happen need to purchase some of the cellphones accessories, you also could search here, which will offer you the affordable prices. Such as, Remax 64GB Card, 8X Telescope Camera Lens, USB Waterproof Endoscope, etc. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

The New Arrival UMI Super Is One You Can Have A Try

Recently, one kind of 4G smart phone aroused hot topic, it should be the UMI Super. After long time waiting, it brings us pretty good user experience. Super premium, powerful and fast, which are the new one giving us. If you are interested in it, you should read as following. And I will share you some of its detailed information next.

First of all, it has outstanding appearance design. Aerospace-class aluminum unibody, it shows you big difference in body texture. Besides, 3D polishing makes it more delicate and tougher. 5.5-inch LTPS FHD touch screen plus narrow bezel, it looks nice for the high screen-to-body ratio. By the way, there is the unique design of 7 different skylights to color your notification.

Moreover, it takes with powerful configurations. Super outstanding Helio P10 (MT6755) CPU with Octa Core feature, it provides you excellent performance. Also, it comes with ARM Mali-T860 GPU to complete it more perfect. No matter to say it equipped with ultra-large 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM, incredible fast speed when you use it to handle any operations. 

In addition to, this new kinds of umi smartphones designed with Microarray 4th generation 3D fingerprint sensor, which offers you a 0.1 second quick speed unlock and high security sensor. This one supports 360 degrees recognition and up to 5 fingerprints registers, high-level one it is! 


Networks: 4G: FDD-LTE 800/1800/2100/2600(B20/B3/B1/B7)
         3G: WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz
         2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
SIM Card: dual SIM dual standby
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow 
CPU: Helio P10 (MT6755) Octa Core 
GPU: ARM Mali-T860
Screen: 5.5-inch SHARP®  LTPS FHD Touch Screen
Color: Gold, Gray
Camera: dual camera, front: 5.0MP, back: 13.0MP Panasonic® Camera Dual flashlight
Battery: 4000mah
Dimensions: 150.8*75*8.5mm
Support: fingerprint scanner, PE+ quick charge, smart key, OTG, etc.

All in all, this new product UMI Super smartphone is wonderful and worthy buying. Its flashlights are no more than what I wrote before but you could try about it by yourself. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

CUBOT Cheetah Phone, The New Flagship Phone Launched By CUBOT In 2016

As the new flagship phone of CUBOT manufacturer in 2016, CUBOT Cheetah is stronger and more powerful. Configured MT6753A Octa Core 64-Bit CPU and 32GB ROM 3GB RAM such equipment, it provides you excellent user experience. If you are interested in it, you could read what I write as follow.

The new product has superior operating speed. First, it pre-installed the clean master to do more power savings. CPU cool down in short time 30 seconds to speed up the phone and you will enjoy faster speed in playing games or chatting. Second, it comes with MT6753A Octa Core 64-Bit CPU, Mali-T720 GPU and 32GB ROM 3GB RAM huge storage place, offering you excellent performance. 

In terms of its appearance design, it has nice look and comfortable holding feeling. 7.95mm super slim full metal frame with 5.5-inch FHD screen, it is comfortable for you to hold in single hand. Adding 2.5D rounder display process, it looks elegant and beautiful. By the way, this product offers you three colors options, the rose golden, golden and space gray.


OS: Android 6.0
CPU: MT6753A Octa Core 64-Bit
GPU: Mali-T720
Card Extend: Support TF card up to 64GB extended
Display Size: 5.5 Inch 2.5D IPS GFF touch FHD screen
Resolution: 1080*1920 pixels
Camera: dual cameras with 8.0MP front camera and 13.0MP back camera
Battery: 3050mAh Lithium battery(Built-in)
Dimensions: 149*74.9*7.95mm
Other features: WIFI, Bluetooth, Ebook, Email, OTG, Messaging, wallpapers, calendar, calculator, clock, camera, etc

If you are interested in it, you could purchase it at Banggood and you need to spend on $ 189.99. Additionally, if you happen need to buy the earphone, there is one kind of outstanding new product of Xiaomi Capsule Earphone that you can take into consideration. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Digoor DG1 and DG2 "Dos smartphones ultra-resistentes"

Maybe if I speak of smartphones "Rugged" you have no idea what they are, right?

Today we bring to the DG1 Smartphone and DG2 web models Digoor brand and we test on a small review. Let us begin!

Digoor Electronic Technology is a brand that has specialized in this type of phone, we have two available models, the DG1 and DG2 plus plus, that the difference is primarily their technical characteristics and size.

Just open the two packages we found two black boxes, with engraving IP68 on the front, if we open the box, we will have the two terminals in the central part, taking these discovered a second compartment with Battery, Charger, Headset, Antenna ( Yes, you read that right, telephone antenna) and a screwdriver, to what you asked you, as a "cap" was little shock resistant, boys Digoor thought: "why do not we screw the lid making it even more resistant" and so has been, both to remove the battery or put it need this small screwdriver, somewhat cumbersome but effective

On the one hand for the DG1 plus we have a 4 "screen to resolution 480 * 800, in the front chamber 2Mpx camera and the rear one of 5mpx, inside, all Software (Kitkat Android 4.4.2) is responsible for moving it Mediatek MTK6582 4 cores to 1.3GHz. It has 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. We have a 2800mah battery and DualSim. And as we have mentioned before, I could not miss IP68 certified to withstand all types of weather

For DG2 plus have mounted a 5 "screen at a resolution of 1280 * 720, for the front camera and the rear 2Mpx we have 8Mpx more than his little brother, software concerned there are no differences, Kitkat 4.4.2 for DG2 also driven by a 4-core Mediatek MTK6582 to 1.3GHz. Features like the DG1 with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. The small difference is that the NFC has DG2. For the battery in this case if it is somewhat larger, in part to a larger screen, in this case we go to the 3200mah, we ensure both models with a fairly broad autonomy. This model also includes DualSim and, of course, IP68

In design there is not much to talk about, do not expect aluminum alloys for the side buttons with golden edges. It is a design, so we're going to cheat, ugly, but I Digoor not want us to conquer with an aesthetic section making a nice phone, if not a phone that is Rugged truth, and therefore must sacrifice in aesthetics and do something more archaic, wide (like a deck of cards) and heavy, because as you imagine these phones are not exactly light, which for many probably do not like. For DG2: 285gr and for DG1: 232gr.

In both terminals have on the right side buttons up, volume down, and make photo while on the right side a button to broadcast radio signal (can be used as walkie-talkie), the SOS button that nothing more pressed call emergency button and a flashlight.

As for the resistance, approved and fully, after bathing in sand, make it real "dirty tricks" on the screen, throw him from considerable heights and submerging, we have to say that holds perfectly, as the first day does not have a brand, We did not expect less than a Rugged.

In short, there are two terminals Rugged conditions, can use them in extreme situations and they must win both, but for everyday use will remain somewhat short are very focused on use of adventure. Chip could improve the bearing, giving more internal memory and improved rear camera. 

Additionally, if you like the feature phones, you also could take a consideration upon Discovery V6, DISCOVERY V9 and Huadoo HG04. All of them are excellent and worthy buying!