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9 most popular cell phone bags - part 3

In the above two parts, we have shared some multi-functional cell phone bags, some cellphone shoulder bags, and some cellphone waist bags, in this last part, we will share some cellphone arm bags and some cell bike bags which are very practical for outdoor sports lovers.

6. Outdoor Sports Arm Bag Waterproof Travel Bag Pouch Phone Bag Fitness Cycling Running
This Sports Arm Bag has so many color selections using high-grade waterproof breathable diving fabric. With multi-pocket design, it is easy loading cell phone, MP3, keys, money and so on, waterproof, shockproof, high elasticity, offering a convenient storage for your belongings. It is perfect for outdoor sports, gym, going out shopping especially when the weather is hot.

Phone Arm Bag

7. Bike Bicycle Phone Pouch Bag Sports Running Arm Bag Mobile Cell Phone Case Bag
This Phone Arm Bag is made of high-quality transparent PVC material, higher sensitivity for touching. It offers you soft and comfortable feeling, elastic and sweatproof. With keyhole and hone out design, it is more suitable for listening to music while running. Reflective stripe design makes it safer for night sports. Clear screen saver makes your touch so easily. The comfortable, waterproof and adjustable armband is your perfect choice for running or cycling.

Phone Arm Bag

8. Universal Waterproof Adjustable Motorcycle Bike Bicycle Handlebar Mount Holder Bag for Smartphones
This waterproof Bicycle Phone Bag holder is designed for holding mobile phones or other electronic devices while riding bicycle or motorcycle. Bringing you the convenience to check time, map, callings, messages no matter on fine days or rainy days. The clear membrane allows easy access to the touchscreen of your device conveniently. The waterproof case keeps your cell phone and other electronic devices from water, sand, dirt. The detachable and adjustable handlebar mount allows 360-degree multi-angle degree rotation and easy adjustment for the optimal viewing angles. Heavy duty suction cup and lock clip make sure your device stays in place, without worrying about getting it dropped or damaged. Inside two mounting arms, there are soft foams to hold the product anti-slide, shock-proof, anti-scratch. The two EVA gaskets can protect your phone or make a better adjustment for other smaller devices in this case.

Phone Arm Bag

9. Gym Sports Running Bag Jogging Armband Case Cover Phone Bag for under 5.5 inches Cell Phone
The Arm Bags will protect your phone from scratches, dirt, and bumps with polyurethane cover, adjustable belt. The truly improved version from the sweat proof material of Polyester is really sweat-proof. Cutouts allow access to all buttons of the Sports Gym Running Jogging Armband. Made of lightweight, net fabric cloth makes it soft and durable to provide comfort and protection that wicks, breathes, dries quickly and is easily wiped clean.

9 most popular cell phone bags - part 2

We have shared with you two multi-functional cell phone bags which can not only protect the cell phone but also can organize the cell phone accessories quite well. If you want to know more popular cell phone bags which are also practical at a very low price, follow us and keep reading the part 2 and part 3.

Cellphone Shoulder Bag

3. PRETTYLINA Waterproof Multifunctional Zippers Wallet Shoulder Bag Handbag For 5.5-inch Smartphone
With selected waterproof material, smooth surface, don't worry too much while rain using this Cellphone Shoulder Bag. With four zippered pockets, you can carry your important belongings such as smartphone, wallet, cards or others. Regard it as a shoulder bag or handbag and just carry it the way you like. With an ornament of orangutan which is a very fashionable decoration, the cell phone shoulder bag is your most stylish and convenient choice.

Waist Bag Case

4. 5.5inches Men Genuine Leather Waist Bag Mobile Phone Case
This Waist Bag Case is very suitable for career elite especially business male since it is very durable in an elegant, classic and gorgeous design. Size may be 2cm/1 inch inaccuracy due to hand measure. These measurements are meant as a guide to help you select the correct size. Please take your own measurements and choose your size accordingly. The precise color of the clothing items may vary depending on the specific monitor, the settings, and the lighting conditions. The items colors depicted should only be used as an approximate guide.

Waist Bag Case

5. Outdoor Tactical Waist Storage Bag Case Cover Pouch For Smartphone Less Than 6 Inch
This tactical smartphone waist bag is a cool addition travel gear and can be attached to a backpack or a belt and therefore fits snugly to your trouser's waist. It can carry mobiles, pens, money and many other things. It is great for outdoors, tactical sports, hiking, climbing, EDC use and etc. Made of high-quality canvas, it is durable and lightweight. 

9 most popular cell phone bags - part 1

In addition to cell phone case, the most used phone accessories can be said to be the cell phone bag. In everyday life, in many cases, with a cell phone bag, we will be a lot easier. For example, during outdoor sports, holding a cell phone is really inconvenient. At this time, if there is a phone waist bag or phone arm bag, then we will be able to exercise so much more freely. In other cases, we intend to go shopping, or eat a brunch, but do not want to bring too many things, just a cell phone, bank cards, keys and other small things. A small phone shoulder bag is also a very good choice.

Here are the 9 most popular cell phone bags that not only are the best seller on the online store but also gain all good reviews from its customers. They are all very affordable and durable, which might be the cell phone bag that you are always looking for.

cell phone bags

1. BUBM DIS-M Accessories Organizer Hard Drive Earphone Cable USB Flash Drive Case Digital Storage Bag
Under 8 dollars, the massive storage mobile phone bags are perfect for traveling since it can store the digital accessories such as power supply, mobile hard disk, UBS, USB flash drive, data cable, power bank, etc. so well with internal flex wall and adjustable padded dividers. Exterior materials include heavy-duty, durable and waterproof nylon, brand zipper with fashion quality handle design for easy carry.

cell phone bags

2. Three-layer Zipper Storage Waterproof Shoulder Wrist Bag For iPhone X/8/8 Plus Samsung Galaxy Note
Made of imported waterproof nylon fabric, the smartphone bags are smooth and soft, excellent and durable. With the wristbands, make it not only a shoulder bag but also a wrist bag. Small body with large capacity. It has three layers for you to carry smartphone, earphone, money, key, and makeup, etc. High-quality metal zipper slider with the brand logo, premium, and noble. It is practical and suitable for you in daily life, such as go for a walk, have a date, and other outdoor activities.

We’ve found the best phone cases for you Meizu smartphones

Meizu is a well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer established in 2003. The company is committed to providing consumers with world-class performance and quality of high-end electronic products. In 2009, China's first large-screen full-touch smartphone Meizu M8 was officially released, laid Meizu the pioneer status in capacitive touchscreen mobile phone. In 2011, Meizu became the most leading and successful Chinese Android smartphone at that time. In 2012, Meizu MX quad-core version became the world's third quad-core smartphone products. In 2015, Meizu sold nearly 20 million smartphones. In 2017, Meizu has a total of nearly 2,000 stores in China. Its products are sold in mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Russia, France, Italy, Ukraine, Israel, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Malaysia, South Africa and other countries and regions.

I know that lots of people around the world are using the Meizu smartphones now since they are highly cost-effective and perform at the excellent level. However, if you are not living in China, it is not easy to find a Meizu store in your city, so how to find some Meizu smartphones accessories for your Meizu smartphones like the necessary Meizu Cases Covers or phone screen protector? Dont worry, we have the online store offering you many high-quality but affordable Meizu phone accessories.

Meizu Cases Covers

1. Ipaky Hybrid Soft Silicone Back Cover PC Frame Case For MEIZU M2 Note
Made of Silicone+PC, this Meizu Soft Case can be divided into two parts in the special separation design, PC frame, easy to remove and install. The PC frame provides an excellent protection, the soft silicone play a buffer role and give you a comfortable touch feeling. Designed to perfectly fit MEIZU M2 Note, easy access to the operation without removing the case. Anti-dust, anti-fingerprints, anti-watermarks, and also protect your phone from scratches and bumps.

Meizu Cases Covers

2. Original Mofi Classic PU Stand Function Leather Flip Case For Meizu Pro 6
The Meizu Back Covers are of simple and classic leather design. It is an ultra-thin and precision moded cases perfectly fitting your phone. Protect your phone from scratches and bump or other daily damage all around. Can be used as a stand for easy viewing. The surface uses salient point design, wear-resistant, anti-skidding, dust-proof, anti-fingerprint and easy to clean.

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Under 100$ Xiaomi Redmi 4A Unboxing and First Impressions

Now, I want you to think of the first $70 phone that comes into your mind. Mine was the Bluboo XFire 2, and thats actually quite a poor example as it has a decent l build, but its still sufficient enough to illustrate my point since it has the MTK6580 processor, terribly slow for anyone who is vaguely tech literate, 1GB of RAM and an 8MP camera, but as the price is only 70$, it is still reasonable. The redmi 4a that we will talk about today, might be the lowest end in the new Redmi 4 line of devices. It MSRP's for around $50 less than the xiaomi redmi 4 and the official pricing is about $70, which is quite unbelievably incredible with a very respectable Snapdragon 425 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 13MP camera. However, we all know that specs dont always tell the whole story, so just enjoy the unboxing, hands on, and first impressions below exploring how it actually performs.

xiaomi redmi 4a smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Specifications
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 425
Display 5.0’’ 1280*720 px, IPS LCD
Storage 16GB
Operating System Android 6.0 with MIUI8
Cameras 13MP + 5MP Camera
Battery 3020mAh
Physical Properties 131g, 139.5 x 70.4 x 8.5 mm

xiaomi redmi 4a smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Unboxing
The box is a slight departure from other Redmi devices, instead of the regular cover, we have an embossed (or whatever the opposite is of embossing) 4A on the top. I also tried to connect the Type-C Male to Micro USB Female by the xiaomi usb adapter, it perfectly worked. By the way, this xiaomi adapter can also be compatible with smartphones of other brands.

xiaomi redmi 4a smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Hands On
Redmi 4A did a great job painting the back to make it look like l and feel vague like one as well. The front impressed me too. In all, the body of the xiaomi redmi 4a smartphone feels like the metal material which is not cheap at all. The phone also has a very respectable 5-inch screen size, imperceptibly larger than the Redmi 3. After turning on the phone I quickly set it up and played with it for a few minutes. Swiping between home screens was quite zippy and had me very impressed. If performance continues this way, this phone currently performs at the Redmi 3 level, which while by no means a flagship, was respectable for the price.

xiaomi redmi 4a smartphone

Xiaomi Redmi 4A First Impressions
The xiaomi redmi 4a isnt aimed at midrange users, but instead is targeting the ultra-budget segment. Ill be putting this phone through more tests but the Redmi 4A has left a very decent first impression on me. Ignoring the price, the phone is decent, taking the price into account, the phones specs are way above what $70 would usually get you.

King of Price! Redmi Note 3 Pro version detailed review

On November 24, 2016, Xiaomi released a new generation of cost-effective king redmi Note 3, in less than two months, Xiaomi officially announced that the upgraded version of Redmi Note 3 Pro will be on sale on January 17, 2017. Although the model name is still the Redmi Note 3, its configuration compared to the original version of the Redmi Note 3, is almost a reborn upgrade, the most crucial is that the new generation price is only more expensive than the old version about 10 few dollars. The phone's configuration is strong enough to instantly defeat all available smartphones on the market at the same price and become the world's most luxurious and powerful smartphone in this price category. Too exaggerated? Take a look at its configuration and you will believe me.

xiaomi redmi note 3 pro 32gb black

Redmi Note 3 pro version is equipped with Snapdragon 650, GPU 600MHz Adreno 510, with a high version of the 3G LPDDR3 memory, the screen is 5.5-inch 1080P LCD screen. Camera sensor like the Galaxy A8 is the Samsung S5K3L8. 4000mAh battery, support fingerprint recognition, no fast charge. Compared with xiaomi redmi note 3 dual-Netcom version, the full Netcom version has the unbelievable upgrades on the screen, camera, SoC, and other key components. In the configuration, it has far thrown away other brands more expensive and so-called cost-effective mobile phone. You simply can not believe how this gap has arisen.

In appearance, xiaomi redmi note 3 pro is exactly the same as the redmi note 3. It has a plastic wrap around the screen, a fingerprint recognition area under the camera and a three-section design on the back, with plastic up and down and metal in the middle.

xiaomi redmi note 3 pro 32gb black

Redmi note 3 pro has more advanced "pixel-level dynamic contrast adjustment technology", "smarter sunshine screen." Compared to the xiaomi redmi note 3 dual Netcom version, the gamut range, the highest brightness are both excellent, but Pros color reproduction is more accurate. Overall, xiaomi note 3 pro's screen is better than the dual Netcom version.

I can simply draw the conclusion that the xiaomi redmi note 3 pro 32gb black is something you can buy without any hesitation. And it does worth the name King of Price!

You can have so much from this 100$ smartphone

After years of development, Xiaomi technology has four shaped cell phone product lines, xiaomi series, xiaomi Note series, redmi series and redmi Note series, respectively, for different target user groups. Among them, the redmi series pricing is the most wallet-friendly, thus making it gradually more and more well-known and popular. At the start of 2015, a $100 redmi 2 shocked the world and the whole smartphone industry. One year later, at the beginning of 2016, Redmi 3 returned with a higher quality and a consistently low price. The Redmi Series has renewed again.

xiaomi redmi 3 pro

Redmi 3 enhance the appearance with many highlights, effectively upgrading the whole level. This phone (silver version) has a traditional silver trim on the outside of the screen, but the rear case is polished and a metal fuselage is introduced just like the xiaomi redmi Note 3, and the cheap plastic feeling is completely gone. Exposure shadow technique design makes the back showing a unique star checkered pattern, effectively increasing the product differentiation and identification, even better than the redmi Note 3. Its back shells touching is delicate and the corner is quite rounded, effectively enhancing the grip feeling, and the right button is the metal material. Of course, the button feels quite comfortable without the low-end loose feeling.

xiaomi redmi 3 pro

As for the screen, xiaomi redmi 3 has a 5-inch touchscreen, compared to the previous redmi 2 (4.7-inch screen) is bigger, the resolution is still 720*1280 pixels. This phone supports everyone's favorite "sunshine screen" technology, the screen content will be still clearly visible under the bright light, compared to other low-end products there is an obvious advantage. Also, it supports color temperature adjustment and eye protection pattern, effectively improving the user experience.

xiaomi redmi 3 pro

Performance configuration
As for the internal configuration, the former redmi 2 is only equipped with quad-core processors and 1GB of RAM. As the latest version, Redmi 3 has the necessary upgrades. It is equipped with a brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 eight-core processor, but also has 2GB RAM and 16GB of body memory, while xiaomi redmi 3 pro with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM larger memory. Red mi 3 is built-in 4100mAh large battery, compared to the redmi 2 (2200mAh battery), has been greatly improved, which is also a highlight of this xiaomi smartphone.

Other upgraded versions
3S and 3X are all redmi 3 upgrade versions. In fact, the redmi 3S and xiaomi redmi 3 are basically the same in terms of configuration, appearance or price, the only difference is: Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 was upgraded to Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, a comprehensive upgrade.Redmi 3S supports fingerprint recognition, so xiaomi redmi 3s case is compatible with redmi 3 Pro, redmi 3x. Redmi 3S and xiaomi redmi 3x are like the sister versions, in addition to storage and appearance, the two are almost identical in configuration, the difference is as follows: redmi 3S looks close to redmi 3, and redmi 3X is closer to the more rounded Xiaomi 4C.

The highlights of the XIAOMI MI NOTE 2

Before the release of the Xiaomi Note 2, everyone's attention was focused on the cooler XIAOMI MIX. It is understandable as xiaomis confidentiality works were done so perfectly and seamlessly before the conference, under no psychological preparation, people were all shocked by this borderless full-screen smartphone full of black technologies. This really will give everyone a great psychological impact. Xiaomi Note 2s beauty is not like the xiaomi mix, it needs your careful taste, and it stands the test of time. In addition, xiaomi mi note 2 in the performance and system also inherit the xiaomi smart phones high-tech and user-friendly features.
xiaomi mi note 2

Configuration parameters
Xiaomi mobile phone has always been ahead of the world in configuration, and xiaomi note 2, in 2016 can be said to have the top configuration. The Xiaomi Note 2 is equipped with a full version of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, a memory combination of 4 / 6GB + 64GB / 128GB (xiaomi mi note 2 pro has the massive memory up to 128GB) and a 5.7-inch 1080P flexible hyperbolic screen. Rear 22.56 megapixels either Sony IMX318 sensor camera, 4K video recording hardware support for anti-shake, pre-8 megapixels, and auto-focus. You can simply draw the conclusion by now that the note 2 has the professional level camera.

Battery capacity of 4070mAh, it supports QC3.0 fast charge technology, supports dual card dual standby full network(xiaomi mi note 2 global), and the system runs based on Android 6.0 MIUI 8.
xiaomi mi note 2

Appearance: The perfect combination of technology and art
The xiaomi mi note 2 with LG flexible OLED panel, 5.7-inch Full HD resolution, it has the curly edge making the screen a strong three-dimensional effect. Basically, the sharpness and overflow feeling of the screen will make every one shock at the first sight. Note 2s overall screen-to-body ratio is up to 77.2%, and the black color body is particularly better from the whole look. If 2.5D arc glass will make mobile phones Ambilight, then when the screen is really curved, you will suddenly find a sense of depth in front jumping from 2D to 3D vision.
xiaomi mi note 2

We have to emphasize the 3D curved glass on both sides. Metal frame as the axis of symmetry, xiaomi note 2 hyperbolic glass has the same bending angle, the transition is very smooth and rounded. This symmetrical aesthetics makes the vision and touch are extremely slim, but also what we believe is the most secure design of the hyperbolic mobile phone. The thickness of only 7.6mm, weight 166g, it can be said to be very light and easy to carry.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Comparing different versions of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphone - part 2

Xiaomi redmi note 4 is a smartphone that is strongly asked by our readers for a full review for the whole series. Thats why we have talked so much about this smartphone.
xiaomi note 4x

The xiaomi redmi note 4x
The xiaomi note 4x 4GB has the most beautiful, elegant and special light blue in the world that you cant find any other smartphones like this. It has almost all the above features and only differs in memory specification. You can still find it online but maybe one day this model will be not produced anymore. If you are lucky enough to find that it is in stock, grab it as soon as possible. Before purchasing, you should also pay attention that you are purchasing the xiaomi redmi note 4x 64gb or the 32gb.
xiaomi note 4 pro

The xiaomi redmi note 4 pro
Some smartphone users require more memory for the memory intensive applications like games on their phone and the xiaomi note 4 pro has been developed for these users with 64 GB ROM memory and 4 GB RAM memory. The xiaomi redmi note 4 pro has almost all other features similar to the basic version, however, because of the additional memory, the price of the smartphone is marginally higher than the basic version.
xiaomi redmi note 4 snapdragon

The xiaomi redmi note 4 global edition
The operating conditions for mobile phones vary worldwide, so Xiaomi has also released a global version of the Xiaomi Redmi note 4 Global Edition which has almost all the features of the basic Redmi note 4 described above. The main difference in the xiaomi redmi note 4 snapdragon global edition is that it has a Cortex A-53 2GHz CPU, and there are some minor differences in the design like the position of the fingerprint sensor, video formats supported. This global high-class one ensure that you can enjoy this smartphone no matter which country are you in.

Various accessories to choose
To protect the xiaomi redmi note 4 smartphone, a wide variety of smartphone accessories like phone cases and screen protector are available online. The phone cases ensure that the expensive smartphone is not damaged when kept on uneven surfaces handled roughly. The screen protectors with matte, frosted shield and other finishes protect the screen from scratches while in use. So all these features, accessories make the xiaomi note 4 smartphone a very good deal for smartphone buyers.

Comparing different versions of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphone - part 1

Increasingly, mobile phones are the preferred choice for connectivity worldwide as they are inexpensive and portable. People of all ages are preferring to purchase smartphones, which are replacing laptops, computers for storing, retrieving data, accessing the internet and other activities. The smartphones are widely used to take photos and make videos replacing the cameras. One of the most popular brands of smartphones is Xiaomi as it offers most of the features and quality of high-end mobile phones at a comparatively low price.

xiaomi redmi note 4 pro

Today, I was glad to be here sharing with you guys the widely discussed and popular xiaomi redmi note 4. In case you dont know, the xiaomi redmi note 4 comes with different editions to meet different customers needs, which are the basic version xiaomi redmi note 4, the enhanced version xiaomi redmi note 4 pro with additional memory, xiaomi redmi note 4 global edition and the special xiaomi redmi note 4x. The features of these xiaomi phones are compared for those interested in purchasing the smartphone. Yes, this article is written exclusively only for the readers on this blog.

xiaomi redmi note 4 pro

The xiaomi redmi note 4
The basic fingerprint version of xiaomi redmi note 4 is equipped with Snapdragon 2.0Ghz CPU with 3 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM memory. The device has a 5.5 inch HD display, battery of capacity 4100mH, CMOS camera of resolution 13 MP at the back and 5 MP camera in the front. The phone has USB, Bluetooth for data transfer, WAP, Wifi for internet connectivity. To ensure that the data on the phone remains secure and to prevent tampering, fingerprints are used to unlock the mobile phone. The Xiaomi Fingerprint Lock technology is an iconic and advanced achievement from xiaomi. The phone is available in five different colors black, grey, green, gold and pink. The look of the cellphone will definitely attract peoples attention especially the pop green one and the cute pink one.

As we can see, the features parameter of the xiaomi redmi note 4 shows that it is a qualified product compared to the price. However, other editions of the xiaomi redmi note 4 like the xiaomi redmi note 4x will wow you more.

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The Xiaomi mix vs. mix 2: What’s the difference? - Part 2

The Mi Mix 2 additionally provides a better viewing preference compared with its predecessor because the bezel size from the bottom has been reduced by 12%. Additionally, Mi Mix 2 weighs 185 grams and is packed in a 4-sided curved ceramic body accompanied by an aluminum frame. The Mi Mix, on the other hand, weighs about 209 grams and has no aluminum frame. What that means is that the latest model is much smaller and lighter making it great for consumers. Even though the xiaomi mi mix pro is already lightweight enough for taking around, xiaomi keep improving it.

xiaomi mi mix 2
II. Processor
The Mi Mix 2 phone is powered by Snapdragon 835 processor with a speed of 2.45 GHz. This represents one of the biggest improvements. The Mi Mix had a Snapdragon 821. Therefore the latest release Xiaomi mi mix 2 is much faster and much more efficient.

xiaomi mi mix 2
III. Camera
The xiaomi mi mix 2 has a 12-megapixel camera accompanied by a dual tone flash and 5-megapixel front shutter with the technology of facial recognition. The back camera for the Mi Mix was 16-megapixel which was largely considered horrible while the front camera remains the same, 5-megapixel resolution. The use of the superb Sony IMX386 sensor with large 1.25 um pixels in Mi Mix 2 provide the biggest difference in ability between the 2 phone cameras.

xiaomi mi mix 2
IV. Battery
The xiaomi mix phone had a 4400mAh battery while the mi mix 2 has a 3400mAh battery. On an overview, the battery power for the latest model would look smaller. It is important to note that the latest smartphone has strived to greatly be more efficient with power consumption. For example, there is an efficient processor and the screen is smaller. Meaning, there may not be a huge difference after all in battery size, and the battery might be thinner to lighten the weight of the cellphone. Additionally, both phone models employ the use of Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

For accessories, you also have many choices. All of the smartphones have accessories like xiaomi mi mix case and screen protector that can be easily sourced from online shops.

In conclusion, the latest Xiaomi product represents a continuation of a unique customer-based approach that was adopted by the giant electronics company. These are products for the real customer, more value for money.

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The Xiaomi mix vs. mix 2: What’s the difference? - Part 1

Did you know that the word Xiaomi literally means Little rice? Now you know. Rice happens to be the staple food of the Orient so I guess its kind of a way of saying that you cant live and feel great without having the Xiaomi smartphone. It can be totally true since nowadays we almost cant live our life normally without a cellphone for one day. You cellphone offer you so much convenience and entertainment that you have got used to it, and time to time, your smartphone has become a close companion to you, just like xiaomi.

xiaomi mi mix phone

The rapid growth of the Xiaomi Company has been widely attributed to the release of affordable products that offer great value for your money. And one of those top products that the company has been able to release is the xiaomi mi mix phone series. The series remains the most high-end and high-tech series among all the Xiaomi smartphones. Moreover, the smartphone series has the highest performance in the industry. Subsequently, below are the differences and the improvement made between these two generation models, xiaomi mi mix and xiaomi mi mix 2. 

xiaomi mi mix phone

We will show you the details from different facets like the design, display, processor, camera, battery and other features. Back in September, the much-anticipated mi mix 2 was launched by Xiaomi and it is the successor of the Mi Mix.

xiaomi mi mix phone

I. Design and Display
Mi Mix came with 6.4-inch screen size which is unlike xiaomi mix 2 that possesses a full HD bezel-less display of 5.99-inch. Both the screen size sound amazing. Because of the difference in screen size, it is safe to say that the device size has reduced which would make the latest device more portable and thinner. If you have seen the xiaomi mix 1 and xiaomi mi mix 2 in person, you will understand that indescribable futuristic look.

*tune to the next part for more contents.

Groundbreaking Xiaomi Smartphones Released in 2017 (part 2)

This article is more like an annual review of the xiaomi smartphones in 2017 by listing some of the iconic and popular models and their special features. Within a month, we have to say goodbye to 2017 and welcome the upcoming of the new 2018. In 2017, we have witnessed the massive change of technology and rapid development of smartphone industry. The new, creative and strong vendor like xiaomi, has pushed the whole industry to move forward faster and faster by releasing high-quality but affordable products. Since more and more people have enjoyed the convenience and benefits offered by xiaomi, the brand value and culture concepts have been shared by more and more people.

xiaomi mi 5x

We have reviewed the xiaomi mi max 2 and xiaomi mi a1 above, which are both very affordable xiaomi smartphones with great reviews. For even more higher performance, you need to pay your attention to mi 6 and mi 5x now.

xiaomi mi 6

Xiaomi Mi 6
The xiaomi 6 smartphone was released in April 2017 and is the first of the lower price smartphones that use the impressive power of the Snapdragon 835. It comes with 6GB of RAM and a 5.15-inch display that provides eye care by reducing the harmful blue rays without any compromise to the colors. In spite of its accessible price, the xiaomi mi 6 is very resistant and has stainless steel enclosure which protects it over long periods of time. One of its greatest features is the dual camera on the back, with 12MP and optical zoom.

xiaomi mi 5x

Xiaomi Mi5X
The mi 5x smartphone was launched in July 2017 and is powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor. Among its greatest features, there is the great 12MP dual camera with optical zoom, the full metal body with rounded, beautiful edges that makes the phone fit perfectly in your hand and MIUI 9. That means, you will be able to enjoy the xiaomi mi 5xs professional - level camera and the most smooth operation speed. Xiaomi Mi 5x 64GB and Xiaomi Mi 5X 32GB both come with high-quality audio guaranteed by the DHS Audio Calibration Algorithm that greatly improves both headphones and speaker outputs, but the Xiaomi Mi 5X 32GB is even less pricier.