Friday, October 20, 2017

AI is increasingly powerful: AlphaGo Zero no longer needs human knowledge

How powerful is AlphaGo Zero?
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AlphaGo Lee, who had finished with 4: 1 victory over Li Shih-hong, was already the top level of the human chess community, but with AlphaGo Zero, the score was 100: 0.
A few months ago, AlphaGo Master, who defeated Kejie at 3: 0 in Wuzhen becoming the world champion, also finished by AlphaGo Zero - winning rate up to 90%.
There is no doubt that AlphaGo Zero is the strongest chess player in the world. Even more frightening is that AlphaGo Zero’ s growth entirely without human intervention.

Why is AlphaGo Zero so powerful?
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October 18, 2017, DeepMind published a new paper in the "Nature" magazine, officially introducing to the world the latest version of AlphaGo - AlphaGo Zero, and called it the Final Version of AlphaGo.
AlphaGo Zero, using purely intensive learning (without the need for human samples or guidance, without any domain knowledge other than the basic rules, and purely intensive learning can be used to achieve beyond human level.) to self-chess, after each game, the neural networks and powerful search algorithm will combine, and the system performance will rise slightly. After constantly adjusting the chess path, AlphaGo Zero eventually be able to predict the opponent's action and Win.

AlphaGo Zero represents the significance of AI progress
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AlphaGo Zero proves that, even in the most challenging areas, purely enhanced learning is also feasible. In addition, purely intensive learning methods only need to spend very little training time, but compared to the use of human data, to achieve a better asymptotic performance. In many cases, human data, especially expert data, are often too expensive or simply not available. AlphaGo Zero is completely independent of human data, and if similar technologies can be applied to other issues, these breakthroughs can have a very positive impact on society.

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Therefore, the success of this system is also a big step towards the long-term goal of artificial intelligence research - to create an algorithm that achieves transcending human competence in the absence of human input. In the future, this result will be more cited in the AI field. In fact, high-tech robots are not far away from our daily life. In the modern society where the life speed is accelerating, AI products are also playing an important role in the housework area. Our rice cookers can be connected to the mobile phone APP to set the cook time in advance. In the hot summer, we can turn on the air conditioner through our smartphone in advance so you can enjoy the cool breeze the moment you arrived home. As to the floor cleaning, we have - the incredible Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner has the upgraded 2-in-1 sweep and mop cleaning technology. You can customize a specific cleaning area by connecting with the phone APP. Using the powerful self-learning skills like AlphaGo Zero, this highly intelligent robot can sweep while laser scanning, recording the size of the home, and then automatically plan the best cleaning route. More intelligent features like Three-dimensional Vacuum Cleaning System, 2000Pa Super-Suction, Obstacle climbing, Large Capacity Battery, Anti-drop sensors, Convenient use and clean design, leaves no single dirt in any corner.

Exclusive Banggood Present
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From October 23 to October 29, Xiaomi products such as this Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner will be promoted at an incredibly low price. If you are interested in the brand Xiaomi, the world's 4th largest smartphone maker who designs all excellent high-quality electronics, it will be the best time in the year that you shouldn’t miss!
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Uwear UW80 SMARTWATCH - a loyal sport partner

Time is something that is very very precious in the modern world. We always complain about not having enough time with us. On closer observation, we would notice it is just the problem of time management which makes us unproductive. So, a good decision would be to have a watch! What if the watch has some features to help you and engaged? Well, even better.

Introducing UW80, a smartwatch that has taken the electronic market by storm. Why, you ask? Well, going into the specs, there are a lot of features and tiny adjustments to make you feel good and keep you entertained. This watch can be a very good training partner in all your sports and athletic needs.

UWear UW80 watch

High intelligent
Starting off, the watch can be connected to your phone via an app. The app passes on notifications from the phone directly to your watch, hence keeping you informed always regarding incoming texts, calls etc while you are busy having a run on the treadmill, lifting weights or even cycling and so on. You can also make calls on the phone using your watch The UWear UW80 watch also has an option for adjustable brightness, thereby letting you use it in all kinds of surroundings and at all times too. It also has a Bluetooth option to play songs from other Bluetooth devices on your watch to keep you pumped up and ready for the challenges that you might come across during a rep or tasks.

UWear UW80 watch

Customize your own sports mode
It also tracks and has multi-movement mode such as walking, running, swimming, climbing etc. It also has a GPS inbuilt to keep track of where you are at any point of time. It also comes in with a gyroscope and a temperature sensor to keep you informed of what is going on in the surroundings. Heart rate monitor sensor keeps a tab on your heart rate and lets you know when you need to slow down or take a break.

UWear UW80 watch

Precise elegant design
The build of Uwear UW80 is also of pretty good quality and can go on without all that wear that a sports person's accessories are generally used to. It also has a good product life. The size is also very proportionate to be strapped to your hand comfortably, hence giving you a better feel and peace of mind without you having to constantly be worried about it. The watch also looks pretty trendy and definitely an eye-catcher. The fit and finish of the watch are also excellent, making it look like a watch that costs premium. The screen is Kindle and very definitive of the purpose and options to be selected on it while you are working out.

UWear UW80 watch

Overall, the Uwear UW80 smartwatch is perfect for all you athletes out there to maximize your performance and keeping a good track of your health while you are at it. It lets you enjoy doing your activities and maximize the output, and minimize the risks.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Discover the MAFAM V9+ outdoor smartphone

Today, we use smartphones every day for a variety of purposes. We use them to communicate with our friends, colleagues and loved ones. They also help us in surfing the Internet. Last but not least, smartphones contain applications that can help us to stay entertained or even become more productive. As such, we take our smartphones everywhere with us. For those who love the outdoors, there is a specially designed smartphone for you. Known as the MAFAM V9+, it is a rugged device that will deliver high performance while remaining strong, hardy and durable throughout. Here is more about it.

Features of this smartphone:
Display specifications
The MAFAM V9+ smartphone has a 5 inch, QHD screen. It also has a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. Capable of 16,000 colors, this display delivers crisp, clear graphics. It is also easy to read in various weather conditions. Hence, outdoor enthusiasts can rely on it wherever they go.
The screen is also compatible with multi-touch use and is made using capacitive technology. As such, you can install and comfortably use highly interactive applications that require multiple, rapid touches in the smartphone.

Network capability
To ensure clear communication everywhere you go, this smartphone is capable of both 2G and 3G network reception. It runs both the GSM and WCDMA network architectures. As such, whenever you go exploring in the mountains or jungles, the MAFAM V9+ outdoor smartphone can help you to stay in touch with the rest of the world.

Processing and storage
This smartphone runs on the Android 5.1.0 operating system. In addition to that, it has a Quad Core, 1.2 GHz processor. This CPU delivers fast performance and strong multitasking capability. It has a 512MB RAM and a 2GB ROM. This is expandable up to 32GB with an external memory card. To maximize your communication ability, the MAFAM V9+ has the ability to run 2 SIM cards at the same time.

Battery and talk time
While exploring the outdoors, you need a smartphone that can deliver long hours of talk time. The MAFAM V9+ is designed with this function in mind. It has a large 3,000mAh battery. This will deliver between 120 and 150 minutes of talk time on a full charge. Moreover, the smartphone will give you between 150 and 180 hours of standby time too.

Camera and body dimensions
This smartphone has a highly capable camera. The primary and secondary cameras both have a 2MP (megapixel) sensor. They can also record video with sound enabled. As a result, you can use the MAFAM V9+ outdoor smartphone to document your outdoor activities easily. It also has a bar design featuring a length of 156, a width of 80 and depth of 14.2mm. The smartphone weighs only 450 grams and is available in green, black and camouflage colors.

The MAFAM V9+ smartphone is truly an outdoors smartphone. Its features make it strong, durable and helpful for adventurers. It is currently available for purchase on the Internet at an incredibly low price. Those who love to explore the outdoors would love this smartphone thanks to its amazing features.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

The most important item to bring with you when doing sports

Doing sports is not only good for your health, it is also a nice way to relax. And when we are talking about relaxation, what’s better than listening to music? So, what if we combine the two activities together and what will we get? A completely relaxing and great experience for you to feel refresh—Listening to music while doing sports.
Meizu EP52 earphone

If you want to do that, you will then need a good and waterproof earphone. It is not easy to find one that is exactly what you are in need of. Therefore, I am here to review and recommend the Meizu EP52 earphone for you.
Meizu EP52 earphone

Exactly what you desire, and waterproof
The Meizu EP52 is the best Meizu earphone ever. It is best suitable for those who love playing sports and will listen to music while jogging or cycling. The very first feature to talk about is that this earphone is waterproof. It will still properly function after getting wet. The implication of this is very important: when you are doing sports you may sweat a lot, and your sweat may get in to contact with the earphone when you are wearing it.

Yes, it will, and you do not need to fear that as a result your earphone will be broken. At the same time, it may sometimes happen that when you are in the middle of your jog or bike ride it suddenly rains heavily. Even if you react to the situation quickly and open your umbrella or find a shelter, getting wet seems to be inevitable, and this includes your earphone. It will be a pity if your earphone is wasted simply because of that. Therefore, since this will not happen, the Meizu EP52 waterproof earphone is suitable for sports player.
Meizu EP52 earphone

More than your expectation - elegant design
What’s more, the earphone is very light. Imagine you are jogging and you will not want your earphone to be heavy, and thus creating stress on your body—this will make your whole journey much harder and of course, heavier. Having a light earphone means that you can enjoy your sporting experience more, and at the same time you will find it easier to carry the earphone all around. Therefore, you will love this Meizu EP52 earphone.
Meizu EP52 earphone

High-quality for sure
Of course, it is a must for a good earphone to be durable—if the earphone just breaks or stops working in a way it should after maybe three weeks of using it, then you will be angry at me—NO this will not happen. The Meizu earphones are made of durable materials and will not easily be worn out, and at the same time, it is carefully manufactured. Therefore, it will not easily break—unless of course if you are not treating it properly.

Lastly, this Meizu EP52 Bluetooth earphone is very comfortable. Usually, when one is doing sports you will do it for at least 30 minutes regularly. Using the wrong earphone during that may mean that your ears will be painful. This is not the case for this earphone. With the materials and design, the earphone will be very comfortable to use, and therefore you do not need to worry about getting painful in any case.

With all the features about, I must say that the Meizu EP52 earphone is just the best for sports lovers. If you want to enrich your sporting experience with some music, then this will be the earphone that you must buy.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

OnePlus Did It... Again!

OnePlus company is known for making awesome smartphones at a very affordable price. They give you smartphones which compete with smartphones that almost double its price, and they feature cutting-edge software, good looking phones, amazing performance and more without taking too much out of your pocket.

Their newest flagship is the OnePlus 5 Global Edition, a long-awaited phone that looks forward to keeping on with the success of its successors, so let´s check out what it has to offer:

OnePlus 5 Global Edition

As on every OnePlus smartphone, it offers an amazing performance, it features Android Nougat 7.1.1 which is boosted with Oxygen OS software. The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 as processor and has 6 or 8 GB of ram (depending on version), and this combination allows the phone to offer a smooth user experience and take heavy tasks as watching movies, gaming, multitasking and more without a problem.

OnePlus 5 Global Edition

Connections and Battery
It supports GSM/CDMA/HSPA/LTE connections so it will work with any carrier worldwide; it has Wifi 802.11, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS and NFC; it has a 3300 mAh battery which apart from a good battery life offers "Dash Charging" which in 30 minutes can give you enough power for the whole day; say goodbye to battery life problems with this phone.

OnePlus 5 Global Edition

It has a 5.5 inches AMOLED screen with corning gorilla glass 5, a super slim body at just 7.25 mm, a premium feeling and textured buttons to identify each one easily. More amazingly, the fingerprint sensor is on the front along with its front-facing camera, on the back it has the OnePlus Logo and the stunning double camera; all of added to a beautiful premium look and comfortable feel on the hand.

OnePlus 5 Global Edition

One of the best things this smartphone has to offer is its cameras; it has a double 16 MP camera with an amazing app which allows taking professional quality pictures easily; in the front it has a 16MP camera with portrait mode which takes very detailed selfies and high-quality video calls; this camera matches any smartphone camera on the market and can even compete with professional cameras.

The price of the 8 GB ram, 128 GB storage version is even less than $600, so as you can see it´s a real bargain. You can also use the coupon code wholesale20 to save $20 more!

As we reach the end of this review we realize the OnePlus 5 Global Edition smartphone has a lot to offer, we can even dare to say that this smartphone is the one who makes the most out of your dollars in the whole market! So what are you waiting for?

UHANS MX Smartphone review - Is it worth it?

Here is a new smartphone, which is highly capable and has all the features you would expect from a mid-range device, plus pure Android 7.0 OS on top. However, one of the most notable aspects here is that this smartphone comes with a double-sided glass exterior which is fully laminated, a bezel-less screen, front-facing fingerprint sensor and a front camera which is neatly hidden yet highly effective.

UHANS MX smartphone

Yes. Its the much-anticipated UHANS MX smartphone. Let's have a look if this UHANS smartphone is as good as it promises.

The phone manages to work smoothly in most tasks which are given and is even capable of great multi-tasking given that no more than 4 apps are executed at a time. This is possible thanks to the MT6580 quad-core processor and the 2GB of RAM which are hidden inside the case. It's also possible to use this phone with 2 SIM cards at a time (only supports nano sim), which is great for those who hate carrying two phones at the same time.

UHANS MX smartphone

Speaking of internal memory, the UHANS MX comes with 16GB out of which approx. 13GB is available for the user. However, this memory can be further extended with up to 128GB extra via a memory card, which is inserted into a SIM2 slot. This feature will come as extremely handy for those who prefer to install many games and apps or to take plenty of photos and videos and don't want to use the phone as a dual sim one.

This UHANS smartphone features a 5.2-inch HD screen which provides adequate performance in both daylight and dark environments. Backlighting and various scenes can be easily customized thanks to Android 7.0. Moreover, it supports on-spot security updates and it comes with the latest version of Google Play and Google Services.
UHANS MX smartphone

Speaking of battery and performance, this model comes with a 3000mah true-rated battery. This means that it doesn't just boast about it and feature a 2750mah like other models, yet it features full 3000mah. The battery life will be around 6 days for minimal use, 2-3 days for average use (few hours of calls and Internet activity per day), and 1 day for intensive use (over 10 hours of continuous YouTube videos, gaming, and other intensive apps).

The UHANS MX comes with a dual 8MP camera which produces great photos in a majority of instances. It also comes with a dual speaker which provides impressive sound even in the absence of optional Bluetooth speakers. Furthermore, it comes with GPS and A-GPS for hassle-free localization, over 20 preinstalled languages, a 5MP front camera and other novelties brought by Android 7.0.

UHANS MX smartphone

With a price tag of less than 100$, most people will agree that this model is a must-buy. In most markets, it's hard to find a good second-hand LG or Samsung featuring the same specs, let alone a new device. But UHANS MX offers all of these, plus an amazing bodyshell!

Meizu m5c Global Version smartphone rock solid performance at a modest price

There's a new prolific Chinese company making headlines in the world of technology! Now the 11th largest phone company in the world, they release devices with mass appeal to all price ranges. Their latest offering can take amazing photos with its dual cameras and beautify mode, offers a smooth experience with the quad-core processor and brings you all of that with a light and luxurious design!

Meizu m5c smartphone

International horizon
That company is Meizu, and their new smartphone - the Meizu m5c Global Version is something you are gonna want to keep in your pocket at all times! International users have no worries this phone's for you supporting band 20 4g connectivity. No matter where you are in the world you're connected to what's most important to you with the Meizu m5c.

Meizu m5c smartphone

Slim but powerful
Lightweight, but not cheap feeling, with its polycarbonate body, coming in black, blue, gold, pink and even red if you're feeling saucy, this phone is packing a 5 inch HD screen at 1280x720, dual SIM, a DSDS(dual sim dual standby) feature that makes it a snap to switch between two numbers in the phone and is running on Flyme 6 OS (Android 7.0). All of this is kept snappy and grooving along by the Quad Core Cortex A53.

Amazing photography experience
That's not all the Meizu m5c Global Version Smartphone is bringing to the table, you're getting an 8mp camera with a fast shutter speed on the back, and a 5MP f/2.2 aperture camera on the front for your selfies. Beautify software on them 5c lets you take those photos to the next level. Your Instagram is gonna be lit! If the 16 GB of storage space isn't enough the Meizu m5c smartphone also supports microSD up to 128 GB in size so you'll have plenty of space for photo's, music, ebooks.

Meizu m5c smartphone

Conclusion - 4.7/5
The Meizu m5c Smartphone really is sharp, affordable, and rock solid. Performance that suits business and pleasure. It's not bleeding edge with the best of the best newest tech but what's put in here is well thought out, designed to give you a rock solid user experience at the best price possible. This is an affordable fast way to keep in touch with the office, family, social media, take photos on the go, while watching streaming media like Netflix or listening to Spotify. I had no problem doing any of these things and neither will you. As far as entry-level phones go this is best-in-class.

I expect Meizu to be a name we hear a lot of in the future with disruptive phones like these at these prices.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Introducing The Latest And Highest-profile UMIDIGI S2 And S2 Pro Smartphones

Technology is currently changing at an amazing rate whereby it has seen introduction, improvement, and upgrading of a number of gadgets and devices to become more sophisticated. It has also seen enhanced usability and flexibility of the existing devices. This has been attributed to the dire need to come up with robust gadgets that possess helpful features that are convenient and effective. Among the gadgets that enjoy this technology is the ultra-modern UMIDIGI S2 and S2 pro smartphones that have been recently released. They are currently the most improved and highly designed smartphones in the market.


S2 V.S. S2 Pro
The two phones are identical and it is very difficult to distinguish between the two. The only differences that separate the two phones are the processor and memory capacity. The UMIDIGI S2 is powered with 4GB RAM and subsequent P20 SoC Helio, while the UMIDIGI S2 Pro model comes with a RAM of 6GB and an Helio P25 chip. Apart from this difference, the other features are identical. They are made from metal and glass with ultra-thin bezels all around, making them the best ever produced phones by the company.

Unbelievable features and high-performance
UMIDIGI S2 and UMIDIGI S2 Pro come with a variety of amazing features that makes these phones command a greater part of technology. They come with an immense full-screen display of 6.0 inch which offers 18.9 aspects. It also has a 2.5D curved glass with a gorilla glass for protection. The two phones are powered with a 5,100Ah large capacity in-built battery that lasts long and is able to sustain any processing capacity by the phone. This is so far the most powerful battery among a number of smartphones in the market. The battery supports fast charging and they are compatible with Type-C USB port which can be placed at the bottom of the phone.


Excellent design
Everything about these phones is amazing and outstanding from the rest. It has a dual lens high-resolution camera setup of 13-megapixel with 5-megapixel shooter in front which will capture high definition photos and videos. The phones are dual SIM and support the nano-SIM design although you can decide to use one SIM slot in order to increase internal storage. The two phones come in different colors with a total weight of 186 grams that makes it easy to carry in the pocket.


Best you can find at this price
With all these incredible, state-of-the-art features and high-end performance that these phones have, they are cheap and affordable and anybody can afford and enjoy using these latest and technological smartphones. 

Xiaomi Mi A1 Review: Inexpensive Smartphone with a Great Camera

Xiaomi in cooperation with Google and within the Android One program released a smartphone with a pure Android instead of MIUI for the first time in its history. In addition to pure Android, the smartphone is notable for the presence of a powerful headphone amplifier and a camera with two lenses - wide-angle and portrait.

Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone has 5.5-inch IPS-screen with a Full HD matrix. The display is protected with 2,5D Gorilla Glass. There is an oleophobic coating helping to deal the fingerprints on the screen and provides a pleasant glide of the finger across the glass. The color reproduction of the display slightly tends to cool colors but within the limits of acceptable. The minimum possible level of brightness can be made lower than in most other smartphones, so you can comfortably read from the screen in pitch darkness. The maximum brightness is also impressive - even under direct sunlight, the screen of smartphone does not get completely blind.

Productivity and performance
By its hardware, Xiaomi Mi smartphone can be attributed to the middle class, in the best sense of the word. In this smartphone works the well-known eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. There is enough RAM in the smartphone - 4 GB, there are also 64 GB of built-in memory (you may add external TF card up to 128GB of space). For the graphics is responsible Adreno 506, running under load at a frequency of up to 650 MHz. Surfing through a lot of browser tabs, viewing Full HD video online or through a local player - all this happens at once.

Xiaomi Mi A1

Despite the fact that the smartphone runs on the pure Android, the camera software is branded by Xiaomi. That is, there are all manual settings and additional modes from the manufacturer so that you can adjust the focus, shutter speed, ISO and the white balance. The camera software also provides many filters, tilt-shift effects, skin smoothing, face recognition (and age), seven-level adjustment of contrast, sharpness and saturation.

The main photo module in the smartphone is a two-color full-fledged 12-megapixel camera OmniVision OV12A10 with a pixel size of 1.25 microns and with two different lenses, wide-angle and portrait. The first one allows fitting more space into the frame, and the second one gives a double optical approximation without loss of quality.

Xiaomi Mi A1

For everyone who likes the hardware of Xiaomi devices, but does not like the MIUI firmware, an alternative, Xiaomi Mi A1, has finally appeared. The device even causes nostalgia for the once-existing line of Nexus, which is a successful symbiosis of affordable price, pure Android, and the high technical characteristics, along with good cameras.