Friday, June 9, 2017

How to Use Your Earphone Storage Correctly?

Headset is one of the more fragile digital product accessories. Improper use can easily lead to headphone damage.

Many friends use the headphones, always ignore the storage of the earphone and throw it to the bag or the table on the fling causally, which are likely to lead to headphones problems. Pointing at this question, we should use a dedicated headset package to protect our precious headphone. But how to correctly use the earphone storage?

Many people think that the headset package is simply used to store headphones. But in fact, in addition to the headphones, it has more use. Its own storage function can be for people to organize space, making the space become simple and tidy and making the use much more easier.

1. Open the earphone storage package. Put the headline slide into the winding cavity from the zipper position. You can adjust the length of the line according to their length you want to.

2.Make great adjustment of the length and position of your headset line for the sake of future use.

3.Immobilize the length of the headset line in the package. And next time, when you need to listen to your music you can put it in your pocket optionally.

4. Close the headset package when the zipper mouth up so as to prevent headphones from falling.

Headset storage package is so important for the protection of the headset. It not only can used to protect the headset, avoid changing the volume, but also extend the life of the headset line. The last I want to say is about a cell phone pouch. For the sake of convenience, when going out, you can set your mobile phone in a pouch making your hand free. It is also a good way to place your phone.

Useful Ways to Clean Up Your Phone Cases

People who love their iphones will always buy case to protect them from dropping, scratching and other accidental situation. Now many producers have provided various of type iphone cases to cater the market. The most attractive types for girls of course is cute 3d iphone cases. A cartoon case make the case not only a protector but a decoration, which will gain a lot of envies from our friends. The cartoon ultraman is my favorite cartoon figure. So I got a customized but cheap iphone 5c cases for my iphone 5s.

After a long-time usage, the case can’t be avoidable to get dirty. At this time, it’s better for us to know some tips to clean it up.

Firstly, you can soak your silicone case into the water with detergent or cleanser essence for about half an hour. And then use a soft brush to wash it thoroughly. At last but not least, give it a clean water bath and put it in a shady and cool to get dried.

Of course, maybe you will get into trouble with the strong stains. But don’t worry. Maybe the essential oil can give you a hand. Apply a cotton swab with some essential oil and use it to wipe the stain out.

In addition, let me tell you an useful and most convenient way to clean. Every time after applying a face mask, don’t throw it at once. The mask can be used to wipe the iphone case. You will find it so amazing that the much more you wipe, the fresher your cartoon ultraman cases is. This way can be used in your nexus 5 battery case.

When cleaning, you had better not to be overexerted, for some of which are delicate, causing damage to your cases.

Smartwatch: Is it really worth?

Smart watch phone have already hit the market. Different companies start to launch their watches as if they were the new paradigm of the world technology. But in that maelstrom of information and presentations, in the end all leave one thing in the ink: what are smart clocks worth? We focus on their functions, and set aside their technical specifications.

And, if we already say that the technical specifications of an android watch phone do not define the quality or utility of the same, in the case of smart watches this statement becomes an axiom. We can forget about the processor and the RAM, and focus on the functions of the same to determine the true utility of these clocks that, although we have called them as intelligent, there are many who already bet to pull irony to denominate them "stupid ".

There is no doubt that with the boom of smart quantifier wristbands and the various GPS watches launched by brands such as Suntoo and Garmin, manufacturers of smart watches have seen a sector with a lot of commercial potential. Basically, these smart watches aspire to make disappear the high-end sports watches, whose price ranged from 200 euros in the most basic, and spent very easily the 500 euros. Keep in mind that the most expensive smart watch on the market today is the Apple - a company associated with technological luxury for its recent products - but whose watch costs 350 euros in its most basic version, Apple Watch. That said, we can realize that even the most expensive smart watches can compete in price with regard to sports watches, making it possible for more people to wear a device that provides us with data on the sport we practice. What information can you give us?

In almost all, not to mention absolutely everyone, we will find ourselves on the screen with the calories spent when practicing a certain exercise, whether or not we carry the smartphone with us when we are exercising. In addition to this, there are several that have an altimeter, which is able to detect if we climb stairs, or even if we ride a bicycle; And accelerometer, through which we calculate the steps we take.

To this we must add different possibilities with different smart clocks. If we opt for the Motorola Moto 360, the LG G Watch R, or the Apple Watch, we will have a heart rate monitor that will show us the rhythm of our heart. If we choose the Sony SmartWatch 3 we will have GPS, to go geo-positioning our race or cycling route, telling us the speed we carry, and the pace. The problem is that those with GPS do not have a heart rate monitor. Of course, if we take the smartphone with us, this will do GPS and send the data of geolocation to our smartwatch, so if we do not care to carry a watch and smartphone, we will have all the information with the first clocks. Only the Samsung Gear S has GPS and heart rate monitor, but it is also the heaviest and most spectacular of all, and the least sporty.

Most sedentary users make the same statement: "I do not care if they are used to sports, I just want to be able to speak for WhatsApp from the clock." Although the communication section can not be reduced solely to the use of the most used messaging application of the moment, the fact is that the fact that it has that title is a clear proof of how decisive it is when it comes to talking about communication. Almost all clocks, depending on the operating system they use, allow you to communicate by WhatsApp. That includes watches with Android Wear, which are currently the ones that allow you to speak for WhatsApp. Since we do not have an on-screen keyboard, we will have to use our voice to dictate the message. Many watches have microphone, but we can also use a headset with Bluetooth microphone connected to the clock to communicate with him. Obviously, in order to use the clock, it will be necessary to have an Internet connection, and therefore, to have the smartphone within reach of the clock.

The Samsung Gear S, again a separate case, is completely independent of the smartphone, being able to put a SIM card, make calls and connect to the Internet. Samsung has also introduced a collar that separates to become a headset with microphone, so that we can use them to make calls with the Gear S.

Apple Watch has not yet hit the market, and we can not confirm if it will be compatible with WhatsApp, although it is expected that this app, as well as all the famous App Store, launch apps for the Apple Watch before it reaches the market.

Remote Control
But it seems that the main function of watches today is to become a remote control for the smartphone. And seen this way might seem more useful than they seem to be. In different situations we could find a great utility wearing a watch. To begin with, they are a secondary screen of the smartphone, which allows us to view data without having to take the smartphone out of the bag or the wallet. If we are running or riding a bicycle, it will be even more useful, because by looking at the wrist we can already see a new notification we have received, an email, a tweet or a message. The best thing is that these notifications can appear on the screen without us doing anything, when we turn on the screen, we see them, and we can ignore them if they are not important.

But to this must be added the possibility of interacting with the smartphone through the smart clock. Removing the smartphone from the backpack when we ride a bike to change the song we are playing is not easy, and more if we usually change songs constantly. To be able to change the song by pressing a button of the clock that we carry in the doll is much simpler. If we are in a work meeting and receive an important email that we can not answer at that moment but that has to treat another partner with urgency, from our own clock we can forward it to a contact, without having to remove the smartphone, and in only A few gestures. It has already been discussed the possibility of controlling the smartphone's smartphone camera, and of course, it will be a matter of time before the possibilities of these smart watches expand.

Be immersive in Your Smartphone with Them

As mobile phone is becoming more and more popular among the public, people tend to spend much time on playing with it. As users, we know how attractive a mobile phone is. It seems that as long as we connect our phone to the Internet, we are able to know everything in the world. When using your phone, you must know there is something basic that you need to outfit your smartphone. What are they? Aha, keep on reading and you will find the answer. Besides, some tips for selecting them will be told.

Phone memory card
When facing with this knowledge society, we are so frustrated by these knowledge in large quantities. So in many times, we need some tools to help us to mark them down. So phone memory card appears. Do you know the standard of SDHC( High Capacity SD Memory Card)? In the latest regulation, it is ruled that only those SD cards capacity is greater than 2GB and less than or equal to 32GB can it make the grade. When selecting your phone memory card, you’d better know it not only needs to think highly of the capacity but pay more attention to the Class transmission rate. In general, different SD card has a different speed in freading and writing in. The rate can be divided into four class, Class2, Class4, Class6, Class10. The higher the class is, the faster the transmission rate is. At last but not least, you can think the brand over. With any doubt, in many times, a famous and professional brand always have more quality assurance.

Power Bank
We can’t deny the fact that it is so hard for us to refuse the tempt from mobile phone. So we have been so addicted to playing it. Even though nowadays mobile phone has been featured with a large capacity battery, but we still always get into the embarrassing situation that we run out of our battery so quickly especially when we are outside. Sometimes you know, it is difficult for us to find a place to charge. All in all, it is power bank that can get you rid of the dread of low battery. Xiaomi is quite famous for producing the power bank, who has launched a series of power bank in different specification, such as 5000mah, 10000mah, 20000mah and etc. Choosing which one always depends one your practical need.