Friday, June 9, 2017

How to Use Your Earphone Storage Correctly?

Headset is one of the more fragile digital product accessories. Improper use can easily lead to headphone damage.

Many friends use the headphones, always ignore the storage of the earphone and throw it to the bag or the table on the fling causally, which are likely to lead to headphones problems. Pointing at this question, we should use a dedicated headset package to protect our precious headphone. But how to correctly use the earphone storage?

Many people think that the headset package is simply used to store headphones. But in fact, in addition to the headphones, it has more use. Its own storage function can be for people to organize space, making the space become simple and tidy and making the use much more easier.

1. Open the earphone storage package. Put the headline slide into the winding cavity from the zipper position. You can adjust the length of the line according to their length you want to.

2.Make great adjustment of the length and position of your headset line for the sake of future use.

3.Immobilize the length of the headset line in the package. And next time, when you need to listen to your music you can put it in your pocket optionally.

4. Close the headset package when the zipper mouth up so as to prevent headphones from falling.

Headset storage package is so important for the protection of the headset. It not only can used to protect the headset, avoid changing the volume, but also extend the life of the headset line. The last I want to say is about a cell phone pouch. For the sake of convenience, when going out, you can set your mobile phone in a pouch making your hand free. It is also a good way to place your phone.

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