Friday, June 9, 2017

Useful Ways to Clean Up Your Phone Cases

People who love their iphones will always buy case to protect them from dropping, scratching and other accidental situation. Now many producers have provided various of type iphone cases to cater the market. The most attractive types for girls of course is cute 3d iphone cases. A cartoon case make the case not only a protector but a decoration, which will gain a lot of envies from our friends. The cartoon ultraman is my favorite cartoon figure. So I got a customized but cheap iphone 5c cases for my iphone 5s.

After a long-time usage, the case can’t be avoidable to get dirty. At this time, it’s better for us to know some tips to clean it up.

Firstly, you can soak your silicone case into the water with detergent or cleanser essence for about half an hour. And then use a soft brush to wash it thoroughly. At last but not least, give it a clean water bath and put it in a shady and cool to get dried.

Of course, maybe you will get into trouble with the strong stains. But don’t worry. Maybe the essential oil can give you a hand. Apply a cotton swab with some essential oil and use it to wipe the stain out.

In addition, let me tell you an useful and most convenient way to clean. Every time after applying a face mask, don’t throw it at once. The mask can be used to wipe the iphone case. You will find it so amazing that the much more you wipe, the fresher your cartoon ultraman cases is. This way can be used in your nexus 5 battery case.

When cleaning, you had better not to be overexerted, for some of which are delicate, causing damage to your cases.

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