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After a decade growing up, Banggood celebrates the 10th anniversary. In order to thank the support of consumers, we hold an anniversary party and sincerely invite you to join us. Exactly, it is a real sense of the large-scale promotion sale that we have set aside one hundred million of funds for customer feedback. This event begins on Aug.8th and ends on Sept.10th. Meanwhile, we will launch a lot of promotional activities. Appropriate time and special activities are as follows.
During the anniversary, there are a plenty of funny events waiting for you. Such as, check in to win massive prizes, snap-up activity, grand brand feast, etc.
Most importantly, the big sale provides a lot of lower-price products, including cutting down prices, snap-up, and coupons discounts. Different special activities have separate promotional items. You should preview the promotion page to check all hot products with lowest prices. Especially pay attention to the activity time. If you have bad memory, I suggest you to set the clock to alarm you.
If you are interested in the electronic products, then you should focus on this three special activities: Hot Electronics, RC Special and New Geek Zone 3C. And these three special activities generally include the events as follows: super flash deals, buy together save bigger, buy more save more and snap-up with slash up to 50% off discount. Meanwhile, we offer the customers many coupons.
Also, the way of participation is plenty. Except for logging in the activity page via computer or tablet, you also can do shopping by the APP, which saves big. Besides, taking part in forum game to talk and win free gift.
You do not need to worry about the shipping. We Banggood has the private warehouses that we supports EU and US direct. Only need three days, you can receive your packages.
At last, there are some rules and tips of this anniversary. Before your partaking, you have better to have a look! Come on, your favorite products are available here, selling at the cheapest prices! We sincerely hope that you can come and join us to celebrate the 10th anniversary! This is the activity page link:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The UMI Rome X is a low-end smartphone features 5.5-inch made of plastic but with a frame surrounding metal, giving it an aspect that has nothing to envy of other higher-end models. Inside, we have a LCD IPS HD screen resolution, Quad Core Mediatek MT6580 processor to 1.3GHz, 1Gb RAM / 8 internal storage memory and a 13-megapixel camera with Sony IMX179 sensor. And at a price of € only 62.85 ($ 69.99).

Price worth, let's see how other aspects If you find interesting read our review to find out whether or not worth it !!! We started by its Technical specifications:

dimensions | 77 x 153.8 x 7.9 mm
weight | 178 grams
screen | 5.5-inch LCD IPS HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) 2.5 Curved Glass
processor | Mediatek MT6580 Quad Core to 1.3GHz
gpu | ARM Mali-400 MP2
OS | Android 5.1
storage | 8 GB expandable with Micro SD cards
cameras | Sony IMX179 sensor rear with 13 megapixel and 2-megapixel front
battery | Removable 2500 mAh
connectivity | 3G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, GPS, 3.5mm jack
Dual Sim | 2 Micro Sim
other | Flash LED Front

It can not be said that the UMI mark neglect their terminals in the aesthetic section, at least from the UMI Hammer, previously did not know, except for the UMI Fair which was quite bland, truth be told.

Which concerns us today, the UMI Rome X is no exception in terms of aesthetics and the care to put into it shows. On hand will not notice anything out of place, no creaks if we press and it shows that everything is in place.

Made of magnesium alloy, appearance (we're talking terminal in black but can be achieved in a golden hue called Gold) is quite attractive, in part to the metal bezel that covers it on all sides.

As you can see in the Technical Specifications it has measurements of 153.8 x 77 x 7.9 mm with a weight of 178 Gr weight declared on the digital scale although given us more than a few grams, to be exact 182.6....

This smartphone is not the lighter, that is obvious and it shows in hand that weight but then we get used. As to whether we will slip just say no, unless we have wet hands.

As for the screen then we see a detail of it, as it has with so fashionable now 2.5 Curved Glaas, or curved screen. We have a frame around 0.31 mm.

I can not confirm if the back cover is made of ABS GLASS as if it has its big brother the UMI Rome, but the truth is that it is flexible enough so that in case of fall assures us that absorb the blow quite well.

At the top of the Umi Rome X we have the speaker for calls, sensors, 2 megapixel camera with an LED flash.

Umi Rome X IPS LCD mounts a 5.5-inch screen with 1280x720 HD resolution, GFF has scuff protection.

While his older brother had a Amoled screen in this case we will comply with the hackneyed IPS screen that not why stop look good even under adverse conditions and in difficult positions.

Brightness, as the maximum that allows the terminal will make us see the screen even on the sunniest day since in this aspect is more than enough.

On the other hand, the viewing angles are quite good, making just have obscurations, too, will have only 2 multi-touch points, something that if you're playing games that require more points, type Fruit Ninja, this is not your device, on the other hand if you are going to play little or only use it for games with two points, you will have no problem.

One of the things that I like Umi Rome X is to bring an Android 5.1 lollipop without annoying "additives" and often bring other terminals and that is a practically pure version, teso if we will not have permissions Root but that will not be no problem because in the Chinese Snack will also guide you in the installation of such access Root.

I have not noticed, even though it only has 1 GB of RAM, no lag and the system moves very fluid. As for the sensitivity of touch even say that is too sensitive at times.

Umi Rome X is what it is, it takes us out of trouble, serves as terminal parts but that if, with a touch of elegance because again emphasize that it is not a rugged smartphone that being Low Cost thong that damage sight, quite the contrary seems higher end than it actually is. We have no trouble having to dip it in case of need, quite the contrary.

This is a terminal from which we could say that met the three B: Well, Bonito y Barato, though unpretentious, of course. It has the burden of having just 1 Giga RAM and ROM 8, which as of today are totally inadequate. And of course, its just 2 touchpoints also make you lose points, but unless hurdles to use multitouch games never know it.

If you like this one, you can purchase at Banggood. It is the time of Banggood 10-year anniversary that you can buy it with a lower price. By the way, there are other promotional mobile gadgets, for example, 10000mAh Power Bank. If you happen need to buy some, you should not miss this good chance!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Brief Introduction of Xiaomi VR Glasses

VR glasses is the recent rising electronic product. At this article, I will show you the new product Xiaomi VR Glasses. This article involves five parts, including Google Cardboard Introduction, Xiaomi VR Glasses Design, Xiaomi VR Application, Interface Dividing and Shortcomings.

Google Cardboard Introduction

Google Cardboard is an entry-level product to lead the normal users into the VR field. It is easy to use. You just need to put your mobile phone into it. Besides, it is light weight, which offers comfortable wearing. Xiaomi VR Glasses imitates this product and it makes improvements.

Xiaomi VR Glasses Design 

Xiaomi VR Glasses is made of Lycra fabric material. It is a smart attempt. Compared with paperboard material, the Lycra fabric one is more skin-friendly. However, there is a defect that it is easy to dust. This is a bad thing for those who has the dust allergy. 

Except for using Lycra fabric material, the zipper design is another breakthrough on appearance. Previously, similar products on the market had mostly used rubber to fix. Not only easy to loose, but a lot of heat generated by running VR application of mobile phones is difficult to disperse. By the way, its fixed cover left two openings for cooling purposes. Most importantly, the designer also thinks about the position of the mobile device’ s headphone jack so that the headset can wear clothing from the gap between the fastener.

There is a button on the top of this VR glasses. In VR operation mode, all operations can complete via this button except for adjusting the volume of sound in the menu interface. This product is compatible with 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch mobile phones. Basically, mainstream mobile phones are within this range. By the way, Mi Max ( 6.44 inches screen ) is excluded from the list.

Xiaomi VR Application 

As we all know, VR field of fact, the content is king. As a result, Xiaomi also makes its VR application, called "Xiaomi VR". It is interesting that there is a toy version of the flag in the lower right corner of the icon. I guess that Xiaomi VR non-toy version should be made in the form of similar HTC Vive.

However, the application is not fully ready in the aspect of compatibility. It can run perfectly in the Xiaomi Mi5 phone, while when using the VR mode on Samsung C7, the picture is stuck. 

Interface Dividing 

In terms of the interface, it is divided into three sections: "Video", "Application" and "My".  "Video" means that it stores some of the existing Xiaomi VR video content. Clicking at any point into a video, you can see the video duration and video size. What a pity that you do not see the clarity of the video. 

"Applications" section, there are some third-party applications to provide some kind of game or science resources. And "My" section shows you the downloaded resources. It now appears that the resources in Xiaomi VR are too little. Although it cooperates with Barley, Lanting VR and other content providers, the total number of resources is not enough to attract public users. Except for that, the videos length are probably in about 3-9 minutes, which have not been able to provide a relatively long-lasting gameplay.


After a period of experience, I found that the biggest problem of Xiaomi VR glasses is not resources, but rather the wearing experience. It lacks IPD and object distance adjustments so that the eyes will feel tired after long time use. If the user is of myopia, he or she will look less clear. Except for that, the video delay is relatively high. When the eyes stay closely, the slightest smear will make users produce vertigo.

Generally speaking, although Xiaomi Toy Version VR Glasses has such drawbacks, as the first Xiaomi VR product, it can be considered a pass.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pepsi P1S, grab the smartphone known soft drink for only 80 euros

Who does not know the famous brand of soda Pepsi? Surely now with the heat many of you ask on the terrace, with its slice of lemon and well refreshing ... Do you know that they have also launched a mobile phone? This is a mid-range with a very nice design, a mid-range specifications and a good price. We will know better.

With similar to other handsets we've seen in the high-end Android, very elegant design Pepsi P1S it shows that although a device costs little, does not mean you have to be ugly or be poorly constructed. With dimensions of 15.2 cm x 7.6 cm x 0.7 cm and weighs 162 grams, the phone is quite comfortable to use despite being a phablet.

Inside are a very decent to be a little mid-range hardware price. MediaTek 6592 processor eight-core 1.7 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage expandable via microSD card and a generous 3,000 mAh battery, without forgetting the essential fingerprint reader. It is not the most top-end phone market, but for the price we assure you that it is more than enough.

As I have said before, the Pepsi P1S is a phablet with 5.5-inch IPS panel with FHD resolution and 2.5D technology. Oddly enough, this phone teaches us that there are terminals for less than 100 euros and with excellent displays. It also has a rear 13-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and a front 5 megapixel.

Finally, this device has Android 5.1 Lollipop disguised under a layer of own customization. But hey, if we do not like nothing happens, since installing an application launcher Google Play we can customize to our liking. Advantages of being Android!

If you like this one, you can purchase at Banggood. It is the time of Banggood 10-year anniversary that you can buy it with a lower price. By the way, there are other promotional mobile gadgets, such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Case, NO.1 D6, USB Waterproof Endoscope 1M-3.5M, etc. If you happen need to buy some, you should not miss this good chance! 

Promotional mobile gadgets at Banggood 10-Year Anniversary ( 1 )

Hello, my dear Blog readers! This time, what I wanna share you are the promotional mobile gadgets at Banggood. And the activity date is 8th Aug, 2016 ( UTC+8 ). If you are interested in them, you should catch this chance. They will be sold at lower prices. 


1) Long Battery Life:
Keep playing for longer with the internal 4000mAh lithium battery. Enjoy 7-10 hours of playing time at 70% volume.
2) Wide connectivity: 
Wirelessly pairs to Bluetooth devices or can be wired to any audio device with an Aux 3.5mm headphone connection.
3) High-Fidelity Sound: 
Crisp, crystal-clear sound and robust bass flow from the BW-F4 through dual 45mm 2*10W speakers.
4) Built-in clear Mic:
With clear noise isolating microphone, handsfree function seamlessly connects to your phone and offers crystal clear communication.

1. Original Xiaomi in-ear hybrid dual driver earphones.
2. Dynamic and two balanced-armature drivers, for detailed sound.
3. More professional tuning mode with super fine and sophisticated design.
5. Come with 3 pairs of S / M / L size soft silicone eartips for comfortable wearing experience.
4. Cable control high SNR 58dB microphone, better noise cancellation for clear calling quality.

Double-Sided Plug Design: The cable use a double-sided reversible USB A male plug allowing you to plug it in without needing to recognize the positive 
or negative, just like the apple lightning cable.
Premium Quality Material: Nickel-plated antioxidant connector heads and 3.33ft/1m flexible TPE wire sheath with 24AWG power and 30AWG
data tinned copper wire cores, it can be bent over 3000 times and with no damage or change in performance.
 Fast Charging: Supports 5V/9V/12V fast charging at 2.4A Max current, compatible with Qualcomm QC2.0, Qualcomm QC3.0, MTK Pump Express 
Plus and other fast charging technology.
High Speed Data Sync: Data sync speeds of up to 480Mbps and supports charging while data syncs.
Highly Compatible: Compatible with most of micro USB digital devices like smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras/camcorders,
hard drives, e-readers, power banks, portable game players etc.
An 18-Month Warranty: We believe in our products, join BlitzWolf to get what you want. We back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide
friendly, convenient support.

Brand: Pinmei
Model: M7
Type: Li-polymer
Material: ABS+PC
Compatible(mAh): 10000
Input: Micro DC 5V/1A
Output: DC 5V/2.1A max
Conversion rate: 75%
Color: ,Blue,Yellow, Gray
Product Size(cm): 160x76x11mm
Weight: 205g

Banggood 10-Year Anniversary: The Main Venue

Comes as the Banggood 10-year anniversary event, we sincerely invite you to participate with us to celebrate this happy moment. In order to thank the support of customers, we prepare a series of promotional products. In this activity, you can purchase the products with lower prices. First of all, you need to know the activity time and promotional products if you want to attend this activity.

The 10-year anniversary party begins in 8th, Aug. And it divides into several sessions. This time, I wanna tell you something about the main venue and some anniversary rules and tips in 48 hours crazy anniversary sale. In order to get your favorite products, you need to complete three steps. First, preview the anniversary prices. Then, add your favorite products into the cart in advance. Last, check out and rush to buy them in Sept 8th to 9th.

In terms of the anniversary rules and tips, I wanna tell you 3 points. First, the activity begins at 10:00am Sept 8th and ends at 10:00am Sept 10th ( UTC+8 ). Second, the promotional products are only valid in the 48 Hour Sale, including prices and hot products. Third, before you join, you must read, agree and accept all rules of this activity.

Additionally, if you happen need to purchase some mobile gadgets, then you should not miss the activities in 24th, Aug. There are plenty of promotional smartphones and accessories in the following activity pages:

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Banggood 10-year anniversary hot selling products: smartphones & accessories ( 2 )

Comes with Banggood 10-year anniversary, we Banggood sincerely invites you to come with us to celebrate this happy time. At this article, I will show you some hot selling products with affordable prices in VIP session. If you happen need to buy some, you should not miss this good chance!


1. High-quality plastic clip.Allows quick and easy connection.New design universal clip can attach any 37MM Thread Digital SLR Pro Lens on your mobile.
2. 0.45X wide angle lens for a high definition wide angle image without distortion.
3. Built-in 15X super macro lens for extreme close-up shots 
4. Premium Rimmed Lanthanide Glass: High quality rimmed glass reduces light reflection around lens edge 
5. Professional High Definition: PHD Lens reduces glass flare & ghosting caused by reflections.

1. REMAX Original Braided Wire Style 2.1A Fast Charging Data Cable is suitable for various V8 micro
    USB 2.0 interface of mobile phone
2. Nylon fiber braided wire style design, resistance to pull and wear 
3. USB plug double side contact design, avoid inserting mistakes causing damage
4. High purity oxygen free copper wire core ,ensure data fast transmission
5. Support charging and data transmission function at the same time

Unique accessories for android phone
It's easy to insert and remove, can change the bukle to fit for your cellphone in 4.2''-6.8''
Design to fit for your android phone with OTG function(Please ensure that your cellphone own this function before you order)
Let your typing more convenient and make your hand free to community to other with video
For testing, this keyboard  case perfect fit for most android phone in 4.2''-6.8'' with OTG.
Keyboard case perfect fit for this model below:
Xiaomi M2 M2S M3 M4 M4C M4i NOTE, Redmi 1S  2  NOTE NOTE2 ect
HTC M9 M8 M8 ONEX ONEmini Butterfly ButterflyS Desire series ect
Huawei Mate7 P8 P7 P6  honor6 honor6 plus ect
Samsung  NOTE5 NOTE4 NOTE3 NOTE2 S6 S5 S4 S3 i9600 A7000 A8000 A5000 ect
Sony Z5 Z4 Z3 L36H ect

Xiaomi Mi4 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM Quad-core smartphone comes with 5 Inch 1920 x 1080 pixels FHD Sharp/JDI OGS touch screen which can give you a big screen experience and will make your operation more conveniently. It's equipped with Android 4.4 (MIUI V5) and it is powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801(8974AC) Quad Core, 2.5GHz processor. It supports multi-language.

It is built in 8.0MP Exmor R™ front camera and 13.0 MP Exmor RS™ rear camera with flash light and fast autofocus. It supports WiFi for surfing internet, 4G FDD-LTE and also supports wireless Bluetooth for data transmission and hands-free calling.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Banggood 10-Year Anniversary Activity — The VIP Session ( 2 )

Hello, my dear blog readers! If you pay attention to my blog, you should know that I wrote something about the VIP Session of Banggood 10-Year Anniversary. This time, I would like to share other parts of promotional products.
Exclusive-to-VIP5 Privilege ( Aug.12th-21st )
* 120km/h high speed overflew the FERRARI racing supercar.
* Dual GPS auto positioning system, the accurate positioning location, perfect advanced follower.
* Intelligent battery could extend fly time for about 20 minutes, removable battery are easy for change.
* Two antennas on the top of the transmitter to ensure a stable radio coverage.
* FPV Goggles in a wide angle to give you a visual impact.
* 3-Axis Gimbal make shooting and taking video more stable.
*Colorful led light to distinguish the direction of quadcopter and Flight mode,show the battery’s reminding.
Original SJCAM M20 2160P action camera
16MP IMX206 sensor
Novatek 96660 chip
166 degree adjustable angle for wide, normal and narrow
Built-in gyrometer, anti-shake
Feature micro HDMI and micro USB as well as WiFi
1.5 inch live view LCD display
Video resolution: 2160P (2880 x 2160P) 24fps
Image resolution: 16M (Sony IMX206)
Toys & Hobbies
FS-iA6 Specifications:
Channels: 6 Channels
Model Type: Fixed-wing/Glider/Airplane
RF Range: 2.40-2.48GHz
Bandwidth: 500KHz
Band: 142
RF power:less than 20dBm
RF.receiver sensitivity:-105dBm
2.4ghz System: AFHDS 2A
Code Type: GFSK
ANT length: 26mm
Size: 40.4×21.1×7.35mm
Color: Black
Certificate: CE,FCC
i-BUS port: NO
Data Acquisition port:NO
Brand: Eachine
Item name: H8 3D Inverted Flight Mini RC Quadcopter
Frequency: 2.4G
Gyro: 6 axis
Product size: 11*11*2.8cm
Quadcopter weight: about 20g
Product battery: 3.7V 150mAh 15C(Included)
Remote battery: 3 x AAA dry battery(Not included)
Charging time: 45mins
Flying time: 5-7mins
R/C distance: about 30m
Flying distance: about 30m
Color: Green,Blue
Inverted Flight, Rolling 180° ,3D Flip
With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying .
One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home.
4 Channel which can do ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and rolling 360°
It has 6-axis gyro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control
It can realize 3D tumbling in four directions with 4 LED lights.
Lightweight airframe with nice durability
Battery protection
Activity is continuing, so stay tuned for more promotional products of this page.

Banggood 10-Year Anniversary Activity -- The VIP Session ( 1 )

Hello, my dear blog readers! Today, I wanna share a good news with you. Coincides with the tenth anniversary celebration of Banggood, it organizes lots of events. For the purpose of user feedback, Banggood launches many promotions. And I would like to tell you something about the VIP Session this time.
 VIP Session
This activity begins on 12th, Aug. The VIP invitations have been sent out and Banggood Team invites the customers to attend the 10-year Birthday Party. In this party, we will provide exclusive VIP discount with amazing price. Besides, we holds a competition in the forum. If you order over $ 150 of products on the VIP page, you can win some great prizes here. By the way, the winners will be announced on 9th, Sept.
 VIP Session
Except for that, we provide you some promotional products here. The VIP Session is divided into several parts, including weekly good goods, exclusive-to-VIP5 privilege, and other five small classifications.
This time, I will show you the promotional products in the parts of weekly good goods. The activity time is from 12th, Aug to 21st, Aug. And I will show you more in the following articles.
Weekly Good Goods
 VIP Session
 VIP Session
BAND GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz; WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100MHz, FDD LTE: 1800/2100/2600MHz
SIM Type Dual-SIM (Micro SIM)
Display 5”-inch full-HD IPS Sharp JDI display with resolution (1080×1920 pixels) with new Edge Touch Technology and OGS Corning Concore
OS Android 5.1 Lollipop with MIUI 7
Processor 64-Bit 1.8GHz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor with Adreno 430 GPU
Memory 16GB/32GB/64GB Internal Memory no confirmation about MicroSD Card slot.
Rear Camera 13-MP rear camera with f/2.2 aperture and dual-LED flash and Sony CMOS sensors
Camera features HDR features, with enhanced alignment, ghost removal, gamma and contrast tuning, colour correction, low-light de-boosting, and halo suppression
Front Camera 5-MP
Sensor Gyroscope, Light sensor, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Electronic compass and Barometer
Battery 3120 mAh Li-ion
Battery life up to 2 days
Dimension 138.1mm x 69.6mm x 7.8mm
Weight 126gm
Colours Yellow, White, Pink, Blue and Black
Product information:
Brand: BlitzWolf®
Model: BW-A1
Material: Metal Shell with Silver CNC Edge Crafts
Plug: Standard USB2.0 A Female to Double-Sided USB3.1 Type-C Male, Gold-plated Reversible Connector Heads
Color: Black, Gray, Silver
1) It is portable to carry out.
2) It is suitable for distant shot. Make it easy to take some beautiful pictures.
3) You also can make videos for distand view. Never worry about that you can’t see the singer when go to a concert.
4) Never miss every beautiful and unforgettable scene. It is worth to buy!
5) There is a circle view on the phone’s camera through the monocular.
Brand Name: Racerstar
Item Name: 20A 4 in 1 Blheli_S Opto 2-4S ESC
Model: RS20Ax4
Input Voltage: 2-4S
Peak Current(10s):25A
Programming :YES
Installing Distance: 30mm
-with Blheli_S firmware
-4 in 1 ESC, more easier to install
-with 24MHz BB1 Clip
-Support oneshot42 multishot
-Small size and light weight
– With comfortable face sponge and AV IN function;
– Separable design, 5 inch screen can be used as small monitor on radio controller or with tripod;
– HD high brightness 5inch LCD specially tuned for FPV racing;
– Built-in super sensitiveness 5.8GHz 40ch receiver, especially with RaceBand;
– Come with advanced auto-searching function ad show you the working frequency on screen;
– Built-in 3.7V/2000mAh battery, each full charge revive around 3.5hours working time;
– Wide range re-charge voltage 5-12V, power banks or 2S/3S batteries can be used as back-up power sour, to prolong the working time;
– Ergonomic design fit your faces;
– Super-wide visible angle up to 82 degree;
– 92% transparent lens adopted, no distort, no blur on the adage of screen;
– Light weight 375g with 3.5hr 2000mAh battery, RTF for any scale racing game.
– 5 inch 800*480px HD high brightness LCD
If you are interested in this activity, then come and join us! Please click:http://deals.banggood.com/deals/edm/topic/10Annvvip.html.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

BlitzWolf BW-F2 Bluetooth Speaker, Travel With Music

BlitzWolf BW-F2 is a pretty good outdoor use Bluetooth speaker. It has the key feature of waterproof, which is still working normally even water pouring down. Besides, portable body size brings more conveniences when you go traveling. If you like to travel with music, you could take it into consideration. This article involves four aspects, including the designs and shows, features, instructions and battery.

Designs and Shows

It is compact and portable with a small body size. It has a dimension of 98*90*50 mm. With a convenient carry strap, it gives the benefit of easy carrying. Made of high-quality materials, it has a sophisticated construction. As a result, it has a pretty good anti-shock ability. Besides, simple buttons design meets your need of normal operations. By the way, it offers you two colors options, including the yellow and the blue. 


The key feature of it is waterproof, which has the IP65 water-resistant level. This feature is useful and practical. When you go out, you don’ t need to worry about  getting wet. 

Moreover, it comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology so that you can complete wireless connection with your devices. Prior to use, you need to do the Bluetooth pairing. There is another connection way, the wired connection via a 3.5mm audio cable. This method is suitable for the devices which do not support Bluetooth function.

Additionally, it features high-fidelity sound. It is configured with a 50mm diameter 5W output driver unit, which offers you crystal-clear sound and robust bass flow. 


In terms of the instructions, I would like to tell you how to connect the speaker with your devices via Bluetooth. This contains three steps. Firstly, turn on the speaker. Secondly, activate your devices’ Bluetooth connection. Lastly, search for and connect to the Bluetooth device “ BW-F2 “. 


It is built in a 2,000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which supports up to 8 hours of playing time at 70% volume. And it needs 4 hours charging time. 


To sum up, BlitzWolf BW-F2 is an excellent and outstanding Bluetooth speaker. It features portable size, IP65 level waterproof, and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection. Most importantly, it has a huge capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which supports long time music playback. 

This IP65 Bluetooth Speaker is very suitable for outdoor use. If you like outdoor activities as camping, it would be your best choice. Just enjoy traveling with music!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Get the ZUK Z2 at a special price and gift accessories

Already exist in the market several phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, and one of the best is undoubtedly the ZUK Z2, a terminal of which today we bring you an interesting offer that prefer not miss.

The ZUK Z2 is a phone that has a high quality design in every way. The frame of the phone is aluminum alloy to increase strength and improve cooling, while the back boasts a layer of fiberglass will also increase resistance, and is in turn has been covered with a protective layer to turn away the stains and dirt from the phone.

Specifications ZUK Z2

2.5D LTPS screen 5-inch Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Quad processor core 64-bit Snapdragon 820 2.3 GHz
GPU Adreno 530
64 GB of internal storage eMMC 5.1
rear camera 13 megapixel ISOCELL
8-megapixel front camera
Fingerprint reader uTouch 2.0
USB Type-C
3500 mAh battery with fast charging Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
ZUI 2.0

Yes after reading all these things have come forward to make you with this phone, you can buy it in Uuonlineshop for a price of 290 euros, and the pack is included completely free screen saver, a cover for the arm and a flip cover.

Additionally, if you need to buy some cellphone accessories, you could search via Banggood wholesale platform, which will provide you affordable prices, such as mobile phone telescope, samsung phone charger argos, etc. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Now is the big guy Huawei: Honor Note 8 presented

Terminals impossible dimensions are a trend that will increasingly more. It may be that you look ridiculous when you put a smartphone that looks like a tablet in the ear, but that is no impediment to 5.5 inches are almost a standard or to manufacturers like Xiaomi with Max, come to market creatures up now it seemed impossible. Now is the turn of Huawei, which through its low cost brand presents the Huawei Honor Note 8 are only 6.6 inches of nothing.

Clearly Huawei's strategy to grow and expand internationally has been a success, and although now only see this phablet XL in the eastern market, is more than likely end up seeing Honor several terminals available in Europe and in U.S.A.

It is difficult today that a presentation surprise us, and the case of Huawei Honor Note 8 has not been an exception, as they have confirmed all the specifications that I anticipate at first.

Looking at the screen, we are talking about 6.6 inch diagonal and a mammoth comes to overcome the 6.44 inches of Xiaomi Max, something that seemed quite difficult.

Xiaomi Unlike Max, that we conformábamos with a resolution Full-HD and 650 Snapdragon SoC; in the case of Honor Note 8 the company has bet its more powerful processor, an SoC Kirin 955 composed of 8 cores and a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz for its core Cortex A72 (1.5 GHz for 4-core Cortex A-53) , all accompanied by a GPU Mali-T880 MP4.

the screen resolution, which comes with a 1440p (25660 × 1440 pixels) panel like the one we saw in the Huawei Honor V8 is also confirmed, but would not be IPS but AMOLED, with all the improvements that entails in quality color, black and consumption.

The good Huawei Honor Note 8 is that the Chinese have managed to hold off the dimensions and weight, which is not easy in a 6.6-inch phablet of. To do so they have resorted to some almost nonexistent frames, which together with an edge rounding, help reduce the width of the terminal and improve ergonomics. Specifically we have a body of 178.8 x 90.9 x 7.18 mm and weighing 219 grams, high yes, but very tight for its size.

Yes there have been developments with regard to the storage capacity, and we thought its 4GB of RAM could only be purchased with 64 GB of storage (52.31 GB free), but the reality is that we also have at our disposal two 32- and 128GB of storage, which can also be expanded via Micro-SD card with another 128 GB.

The Huawei Honor Note 8 will be available in colors gold and silver running under the Android 6.0 operating system Marshmallow modified layer customization 4.1 EMUI own manufacturer.

The release date is August 9 for the Chinese market, but as we said at the beginning, is more than likely that in the near future be available in Europe.

If we look at Chinese prices, we have a price of about 310 euros for the most basic version of 32GB (2,299 yuan), 336 euros for the 64 GB (2,499 yuan) and 377 euros for the premium version with 128 GB of storage (2,799 yuan).

Unlike the Meizu MX6 we were talking the other day, in this case Huawei has put all the meat on the grill with a terminal that makes no concessions or in terms of display quality or power, having only in the photographic section benefits humbler, but without being bad at all. It only remains to see how it manages the 4,500 mAh battery and if the market responds well to a terminal so exaggerated dimensions. You who think, Do you would buy a terminal of 6.6 inches? We hope your opinions.

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