Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jiayu S3 4G con 5,5″ HD CPU Octa Core MT6752 2GB RAM

Rarely worth the wait and, in the case of new JIAYU S3 Plus 4G which recently as we speak, we can say that was worth a lot. In the following analysis, we are going to reel in detail to the smallest detail than is currently the flagship of the Chinese firm and has spectacular technical specifications, beautiful design and a great price.

The Jiayu S3 comes in a recycled paper packaging where we are only shown from the front logo and the Chinese company behind the product specifications. Undoubtedly, this widespread practice will pay off in terms of price, all that means saving on costs superfluous as this impact for good in the terminal that is really important. Inside the box you not expect to find many gifts. The Jiayu S3 comes with just enough for you to use from the outset, which is what it really is: a headset, data transmission cable to PC type micro-USB and mains charger.

If something stands out for the Jiayu S3 it is by its size and its screen no doubt. Just open the box we realize that what we have in our hands is not exactly a low quality product. It has a fairly simplistic in design finishes. A sober and austere lines, with slightly rounded edges at its edges and with an almost flat bottom that opens in curvature to reach the sides. A Jiayu S3 4G terminal, which has a front occupied by its huge screen of 5.5 "which only highlights the front camera on the top left and the internal speaker for calls being tactile navigation keys and located in the bottom, offscreen. It also has LED flash notifications which has a small light that will show us two different, red and green colors.

The volume buttons and lock button silver have been placed on the right side causing fast and easy access to them through one hand.

The back cover is removable and is made of polycarbonate dark gray - black, a lid that does not collect fingerprints of our fingers, smooth and where only highlights the rear camera in the upper-central part together with the double lED flash just below it and already at the bottom, the company logo just above the external speaker.

It is easy to grip terminal with one hand while certainly somewhat heavy and that the 189 grams are not exactly short, this is due to some extent to its huge battery and the screen size. Nor is it a weight out of the ordinary, something we have already seen in terminals such as the Oppo Find 7 itself here.

The navigation keys are backlit and have a rather simplistic design icons showing the three menu options, start and back classics to which we are accustomed already long in terminals with Android.

The simple design of Jiayu S3 4G favored by against the inclusion of a high-level technical performance. Inside the Jiayu S3 4G we find an 8-core CPU manufactured by Mediatek, the MTK6752 ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit 1.7 GHz that will support 4G conectitividad a CPU, Mali-700 MHz 760MP2 along with 2GB of RAM, will allow us to experience quite smooth user when running applications, play the latest titles in the play Store, ... the performance of this CPU has been pretty good overall in the test we will made and no doubt we can say that the combination is pretty good and reliable for intensive daily use terminal something for which we need a good battery 3000mAh as including inside, removable type.

As for display, 4G Jiayu S3 has a panel made by LG 5.5 "FULL HD IPS OGS Corning Gorilla Glass and 3 of 1920 x 1080 pixels which has shown very high quality and viewing angle broad that allows us to have a perfect picture all the time regardless of the position thereof. The colors are quite realistic, without levels of brightness and saturation distorting the image and thanks to embedded software settings called Miravision, we can balance our taste to adjust. A very good idea by Jiayu to include this option to play with the quality of the image displayed on screen and not have to resort to third-party software rooteo involving the terminal. The screen also has the smartwake option that will allow us to configure via software a number of options that are activate by double tap directly and another quite interesting already included in many other terminals option is to gestures offscreen, ie interact with the terminal through gestures without touching the screen. All this is managed by software and is fully configurable by each user.

As for internal storage space, the Jiayu S3 4G has 16GB of which almost 12,5GB have available to store applications and that in any case can extend through the inclusion of micro-SD cards up to 32GB.

By default, inside the Jiayu S3 4G we find the version 4.4.4 of Android KitKat, the latest version available pending a future arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop directly by the manufacturer or by the community software developers that will surely have looking forward to this device by its enormous potential.

As we can see in the screenshots made, the Jiayu S3 4G has an interface own screen with a very even to a certain terminal of the manzanita with square icons large rounded edges and attractive colors, animated presentations visual style and a extreme fluidity when moving through the screens. In any case we can always return to the classic android interface or install some alternative launcher such as Nova Launcher, this and depending on the tastes of each user.

We were pleasantly surprised and very new Jiayu S3 4G, a terminal which already were doing a particular track in a while due largely by the good work that had the Chinese firm with its previous models. We expected a lot of it, it is true, and it has not disappointed us at any point. As we mark certainly several positive aspects such as its extraordinary Full HD screen 5.5 ", its 2GB of RAM and its powerful CPU and a very fluid internal software and a camera with a very fast focal opening and takes quite good both indoors and outdoors. By contrast, could improve as to enjoy greater internal storage space expanding to 32GB, 3GB of RAM count or to include NFC technology. We do not talk about design as it is a very personal aspect and differs according to the tastes of each user, but can not recommend purchase because it is a product with a very good quality / price ratio.

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