Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Huawei Ascend Mate 7 analysis

It is with the Mate 7 Huawei which raises the bar in terms of performance and design. This third Ascend Mate opts for a system based on aluminum, at least in its rear and side design, as is increasingly common among brands.

Huawei solved quite elegantly antenaje theme of his Mate 7. As you know, there is usually signal problems with metal bodies, and this is why we see plastic bands in metal devices. The effect, called Faraday cage, it then here in two plastic bands at the top and bottom of the phone. This can be good, seeing that span the four corners as phone protection.

The phone is quite large, more than a Note 4, but slightly thinner with 7.9 millimeters thick. It is a few millimeters, but enough to notice; and a few grams more, to 185, they just weigh. Huawei was measured with this in presenting the terminal, stating that 83% of its front is screen (compared to 80% of Samsung). The downside here is that the Korean terminal, in addition to having a smaller screen, the buttons are out of this and not at the interface, so the surface is finally saber like.

The back is slightly curved, so that those 7.9 mm converge in only 3.3 millimeters in the thinnest part of the aluminum frame. This makes the phone more comfortable in hand, plus solid (nothing creaks, nothing moves), but sometimes gives the impression of being too 'cutting' edge. Covering this framework we have a second edge, following the bezel and plastic this time, linking design with the screen. It changes color with the design, as white, black or gold, and not like it.

If you are looking for a phone with a large screen without sacrificing too much aesthetic section and manageability, the HUAWEI Mate 7 64GB is certainly an option. His great performance and great battery can take from a concern every day, even if you spend more hours outside than at home.

Huawei steps with some good finishes, choosing aluminum in different colors, which makes this phone look great in all its variants, adjusting well to the hand and added great as the accessories fingerprint sensor, the software layer or quality as headphones with active noise cancellation.

Instead, this phone does not get the most out of your camera, as do make some of its competitors at this point; quick photos, dual tone flash, optical stabilizer, water resistance or 4K video are some of the features that reward now.

Additionally, if you feel that this smartphone is not suitable for you, you could take another choice among Conquest S6, Conquest S8 and its higher edition Conquest S8 32GB. 

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