Thursday, January 21, 2016

What Is The No. 1 Smartphone?

Have you ever asked in life, what is the no 1 smartphone?, maybe yes, and I also once asked me that and found the answer but very diversified, but today I want to make clear is that smartphones or also called smartphones that you probably already have many of you, if not all, but not always identified. In addition we told you about two models of the best brands and models about, iPhone and Samsung.

Today we will learn something new in life, whether it is a simple definition, because Tecmóviles and always hear about smartphones but may still not know what that term in Spain which has been translated as "smart phone" means.

To begin, we must go back to history, because by all accounts, the first smartphone created it IBM in 1992 and Simon was called, but was released in 1993 and was sold by BellSouth, then the smartphone you allowed to do many things, that is, receive calls, had calendar, address book, world clock, log book, sending and receiving FAX.

Today the functionality of smartphones are many, but before the definition that gives the smartphone on Wikipedia is: ". It is an electronic device that combines a cell phone with similar to a personal computer features"

With a smartphone can do everything at the same time is that you can receive calls, check your calendar while you watch some videos, or while you sync your device with others, and all this without interrupting any of the tasks, not to go so far, is the same as is done in your computer, you open windows and all the time and not work like a conventional phone if you go to check your schedule should stop listening to music to do.

Therefore, we can conclude that a smartphone is a mobile phone, but much more powerful than the first to be marketed and obviously is intended to be used by those addicted to email and the Internet, or for those who are entrepreneurs.

However, by having similar to a computer features it makes these devices can be vulnerable to viruses and attacks the OS, as happens today with notebooks or desktop computers.

Besides having explained what a smartphone, we have to speak as those who are currently the best in the market. Or rather, the best-selling.

It is clear that today the best selling smartphones are very famous iPhone and the Samsung brand and have gotten his model Galaxy is also a leader in sales and currently before the end of this 2013.

Apple has spent years surprises the world with all the latest updates that have each throwing iPhone models. Your smartphone market since 2007-2008 (between the US and the rest of the world) and who have already launched the iPhone (pictured above), iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S models and up iPhone 5C (known for being the first with housing colors and also with a slightly reduced price).

As for Samsung says the success we have launched as a competitor to the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy which already has the Samsung Galaxy S2 edition (pictured), Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

The iPhone with IOS operating system and with them we discovered the hobby applications, as well as being ideal for Internet browsing. Samsung is not far behind with Galaxy that has Android system is perhaps one of the most complete smartphones that we can find in the market.

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