Monday, January 25, 2016

F5 DOOGEE 4G, A Powerful Mobile Phone For $ 147.99

The first thing that stands out about this DOOGEE F5 is the touchpad that can be found on the front. The team accompanying this screen is SHARP and reaches the 5.5 inches diagonally and gets a maximum resolution Full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Also, F5 DOOGEE can get it in several colors: champagne, dark gray or light gray. Meanwhile, in the front we have no physical button (they are all integrated capacitive screen), as well as have the typical side volume controls and on / off of the team.

As for the rear, in addition to presenting its main camera pictures of which more later, also we will have a fingerprint reader to unlock the functions such as terminal or mobile payments.

Finally, this DOOGEE F5 get a total weight of 171 grams and a maximum thickness of 7.8 millimeters ranking as a balanced team in this direction.

If you want power, our analysis of this Doogee F5 4G reveal that this is your team: inside offers an 8-core processor processing company MediaTek with a working frequency of 1.3 GHz-the exact model is a MKT6753- with a 64-bit architecture, which go very well for those users more gamers and they use every day their terminal as a console.

The processor is accompanied by a lot of RAM, 3 GB, more specifically, will make this DOOGEE F5 to move freely in each application you run or you can open many tabs in the Internet browsing without the terminal will suffer in performance. In addition, this phablet comes with Android 5.1 installed Lollipop, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system.

Also in the storage portion we will have a maximum capacity of 16 GB to store all types of files (photos, documents, videos, music, etc.), although this figure may increase with MicroSD cards up to 64 GB capacity, as maximum. Still want more capacity? You can use services hosted in the cloud or through USB drives by using a cable USB OTG.

Take good pictures with this DOOGEE F5 4G be easy. And that is their primary picture camera has a 13 megapixel sensor that is accompanied by a dual LED flash temperature. Now this sensor Samsung can reach up to 16 megapixel resolution through the use of software.

Also in the front also it has a camera that will serve both to make video calls as do popular 'selfies' (self-portraits). This camera has a 5 megapixel sensor, but can also reach up to 8 megapixels via software.

Of course, both cameras you can record video to share with family or social networks.

We have reached the end of analysis DOOGEE F5 and after learning what this team and it's time to draw our conclusions and share with you our views of Doogee F5 4G. First we saw what a phablet that is worth doing with him is enough for many applications to open or run power generation video games. It is also a mobile to date and takes the latest version of Android, so all system upgrades will be on him.

It is also a large screen that allows you to read content in it without straining your eyes team, so besides being able to surf the Internet, this DOOGEE F5 can be used as an electronic book reader.

If you are interested in this one, you can purchase it at Banggood with a low price of $ 147.99. In addition to, if you need some mobile earphones, I have a good suggest for you. I think huawei honor headset is pretty good and you will love it.  

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