Monday, March 6, 2017

The Best VR Glasses: BlitzWolf BW-VR1 Virtual Reality Headset

Exactly, there are various types of vr glasses in the market nowadays. As the product of new era, it makes people experience more things immersively and you have no need to go out. Just depending on your smartphone and the vr headset, you can sit in your room, personally watching the “ real world” . As for me, I think the most important aspect it brings us is to experience the world we have never watched or that things we don’ t have courage to try. Set an example, the scenes in the exciting 3D movies.

Actually, you also can try the VR product of simple design. Like the Google Cardboard. It is a very cheap-price one and only sold $ 3.59 at Banggood. If you are interested in it, you can search via this shopping platform. 

However, if you wanna try the professional virtual reality glasses. You can choose BlitzWolf BW-VR1. It consists of 43 sets of precision parts and 59 assembly process, ensuring the quality and experience. Reasonably adjustable design so that you can adjust the pupil distance and focal distance. Except for that, it has many advantages, such as large fillet border, magnetic lock, leather eyeshade, HD optical lenses, etc. 

Product descriptions:
Highly compatible, it is suitable for the 3.5 to 6.0-inch smartphones;
Premium quality material;
Adjustable, perfect fit;
Convenient and practical design      

If you are interested in this virtual reality headset, it is available at Banggood. And it is sold $ 22.99.

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