Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Xiaomi Max, oversized?

The Xiaomi MI Max is not only a big screen. Brings much more. The first is that it is a terminal with very small frames, especially on the side. The front screen ratio is of 76%, a lot. To give us an idea, in mobile 5 inch screen normally the percentage is about 65%.

Also not a very thick and heavy terminal but quite the opposite: we are facing a mobile with a thickness of 7.5 mm wide and 203 grams of weight. Therefore we are not facing a tablet which have launched as a mobile, but have tried to put the screen of a small tablet on a mobile.

In the part of the terminal SoC has two anternativas: the Snapdragon 650 and 652. The differences are small, perhaps most interesting is that the former takes 3 GB of RAM and 32/64 GB storage and the second 4 GB RAM and 128GB of storage. Prices are, however, 200, 229 and 270 euros.

The MI MAX is not neglecting the camera, the front is 16 Mpx with f / 2.0 and dual flash. It has fingerprint reader, fast charging, dual SIM and LTE connectivity (although the band 20, one of Europe stays out).

And of course, a mobile so great could not neglect a fundamental aspect: the battery. Here the terminal brings 4,850 mAh, a negligible figure which of course have to try to draw conclusions.

It is such a large terminal something for everyone? I do not think so. First, the larger more uncomfortable to wear. And second, the one-hand operation begins to be complicated, because fingers do not reach all parts of the screen (hence the limit is in the 5-5.5 inches, depends on each hand). But it has some advantages, such as the large battery and play or read intensively, the bigger the better screen. So who value these aspects have here a good and cheap alternative giant terminal.

If you are interested in this Xiaomi Max, you could purchase it at Banggood and it costs you $ 258.99. 

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