Thursday, April 21, 2016

Being Fresh, Pursuit of Perfection! MEIZU PRO 6 Rush to You!

Have you ever heard the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu company? It is the one who pursues relentless perfection. Recently, it released a new product of MEIZU PRO 6. After its releasing conference, its reservation amount reached 3,000 thousand at the fist day. We can see its hot welcome from here. This new product not only has beauty appearance, but also has powerful functions. What does it performance? Let me show you next.

In terms of the body design, this one takes brand new ID style for it pursuing the beauty of curvature. Coordinating all-in-one metal body and ring flash in rear cover, it shows you the fashionable and stylistic new product. Besides, this one offers you three colors options, the silver, the gold and the black. All of these three colors bring you nice visual enjoyment.

Moreover, this one also pays attention to the detailed designs. In order to offer you better user experience, it takes lighter and slimmer body. 5.2-inch screen and 7.25mm body thickness improves handling feeling. Its brand-new 3D Press technology adopted not only improves the operation efficiency, but also brings you tactile vibration feedback in addition to visual changes. 

In addition to, it completes a powerful configuration, which behaves in two ways. First is the customized 10-core processor. This is the advanced CPU to configure today. Depending on this, you could enjoy faster internet surfing. The second place should be 21.16MP rear camera equipped with a fast focusing within 0.07s. This feature is suitable for who likes to take photos. 

If you wanna to learn more, you could search it at Banggood website. And it now sold at a price of $ 529.99. Additionally, if you happen need to purchase the smartphone charger, I have a good choice to share to you, the Xiaomi Charger. It takes 4 USB ports and it has cheap price, only costing you $ 16.99. 

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