Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oband T2 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Bracelet is the one you can trust


Oband T2 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Bracelet Intelligent Band Fitness Tracker For IOS Android

OLED display-Visual display of data and information.
Display caller ID and message- The number and name of incoming calls or SMS will be indicated on screen
Vibration reminder- Vibration reminder of incoming calls, SMS, long periods of sitting and alarm clock.
Track exercise- Set a specific goal and measure the exercise you do and calories burned.
Track sleep- Track the hours you sleep, as well as your activity during sleep to help you understand your sleep quality.
Food record-Scan bar code or take photo of your food for calories recording.
Wate resistance- IPX6 water resistant level.

Using your Oband band

You need to see if your phone is compatible with Oband before first use. The system requires IOS 7.0+ and Android 4.3 +.
Download the Hifit App from http://www.oband.com.cn , or you can find the Hifit App on Google Play store by searching “Hifit”.
If you already have the Hifit App installed, check for available updates to make sure you have the latest version.
Enable Bluetooth in your smartphone settings and open the Hifit App. If you don’t have a Oband account, you need to sign up by entering the email address or smartphone number and password.
Then you need to enter your personal information to improve the accuracy of your calorie burn and distance data.
The Hifit App acts as the dashboard, you can read your data of steps, sleep and calories. Sync your tracker before you want to see the latest data.

Each mode can be switched by tapping the panel one time. Totally, there are seven modes: home screen, alarm clock, steps taken, travel distance, calories burned, exercise time and goal progress.
Current time, month, date and remaining power are indicated on the home screen.

Four alarm clocks can be set on App, and the screen will switch automatically into alarm mode when the specific time is up.
Tracking number of steps you have taken, and automatic zero clearing at 0:00.
Tracking your travel distance, and automatic zero clearing at 0:00.
Display how many calories you have burn and automatic zero clearing at 0:00.
Display the active time and automatic zero clearing at 0:00.
Show the daily goal progress. If the target is not yet completed at 20:00 (default), it will display a crying face, and the motor vibrates for 5 seconds at the same time. The motor will not repeat vibrate every 30 minutes until you have got the goal or more than 22:00. After you have reached the target, the screen will display a smile face. And automatic zero clearing at 0:00.

Switch into sleep mode when you tap triple continuously, and the reminder modes will be stopped. Another three times’ continuous tap will exit sleep mode.

Note: This does not delete the previous day’s data, that data will be uploaded to your Oband T2 Smart Bracelet Dashboard the next time you sync your Oband.

Maintaining Water
The device may be damaged if water or dust enters the device. Follow these tips carefully to prevent damage to the device and to maintain the water-and dust-resistant performance of the device.
Do not immerse the device in water deeper than 1m or keep it submerge for more than 30 minutes.
Do not expose the device in water at high pressure, such as ocean waves or a waterfall.
If the device or your hands are wet, dry them thoroughly before handing the device.
Do not expose the device to salt water, ionized water, or soapy water.
If the device is dropped or receives an impact, the water and dust resistant features of the device may be damaged.
If the device gets wet, dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth.

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