Thursday, March 26, 2015

Meizu M1 Customers' Experience

The discharge regarding Meizu M1 Smartphone has resulted in substantial influence to the whole cell phone industry through their attractive outdoor, reasonable setting and charge functionality, especially in middle-end smartphone variety, thus, just how consumer touch upon this younger?
Netizen "falcon99": A brand new generation's smartphone

Talents: Generally speaking, it's streamlined and fashionable. The complete visual appeal looks just like Meizu Note, multi-color system can be adopted keep in mind, 128g pounds is appropriate and useful to carry. 5MP and also 13MP photographic camera can fulfill the demand of selfie, with beautification linked.
Insufficiency: 300PPI as well as battery is not ample, but it's nevertheless passable with regard to daily utilize.

Netizen "stijngov": Good view, crystal clear camera

Talents: Meizu M1 4G LTE features a gorgeous perspective, digital camera segment is helpful along with suitable, however color is actually bulkier when compared with apple iphone 5S, far more hotter, however, it's all regulated my own choice, heavy cost efficiency is what I like one of the most.
Deficit: The particular loose Sim is a bit annoying, not that compact as well as constant in between SIM card and also credit card owner, even without having a secure hardware suck sensation. While, within the mild regarding price performance, it is the very best, it's unlikely that any of the greatest.

Netizen "Sofie61": Quality value nevertheless slightly disappointed

Skills: 160.99USD for Meizu M1 is suitable, Meizu loves you his or her item a lot, basically, there will be a current main system on a monthly basis and also designed for free.
Deficiency: 1GB Memory is not high enough, My spouse and i assume 2GB ahead so that I can install applications up to I could, naturally, that's the reason the reason why it costs merely 160.99USD

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