Friday, January 23, 2015

Air Purifier 4500mAh Power Bank With USB Oxygen Bar

Air Purifier Power Bank

Mini Portable Air Purifier USB Oxygen Bar 4500mAh Power Bank

Description: MaterIals: ABS
Input Voltage: DC 5v +/- 0.05
Output Current: 5v/1A
Input charging time: 7-9 hours
Size: 162x34x58MM

Negative oxygen ion: 5x10inos/cm
Working voice: <40db
Air-out: 25m/h
Power: USB/DC5V/<1W

It can sterilize, dustfall, purified air, clear secondhand smoke, improve sleep quality
Suitable for in the Car, office,bedroom and so on...

Package Include:
1 x 4500Mah Power Bank /Oxygen Bar
1 x USB Cable

Click:Air Purifier Power Bank

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